Critical Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring

Critical Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring

Debates, Dialogues and Discourses

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Part I: Introducing Coaching & Mentoring: Where do I start? Why coaching and mentoring? Why now? Psychology as a perspective to inform our work in coaching and mentoring Part II: Coaching & Mentoring Skills & Process: What do I actually do and why? Coaching and mentoring process Skills and competence for coaching and mentoring Coaching and mentoring in the learning mix Evaluating coaching & mentoring Part III: Coaching & Mentoring in Organisations and other Contexts Coaching and mentoring in specific contexts Leadership, Management, coaching and mentoring Towards a coaching and mentoring culture Introducing coaching and mentoring into an organisation Part IV: Professional and Personal Development for Coaches: How can I develop my practice? Towards a model of coaching supervision Professionalisation and Ethics Research in coaching and mentoring Coaching and the future
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