Introduction to Early Childhood Studies

Introduction to Early Childhood Studies

Smith, Kate; Powell, Sacha

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Part I: Perspectives on Childhood
Childhood in Different Cultures - Joanne Westwood
Childhood through the Ages - Yordanka Valkanova
Sociology of Childhood - Nigel Thomas
The Globalisation of Early Childhood Education and Care - Helen Penn
Childhood in the Digital Age - Jackie Marsh
Part II: The Developing Child
Thinking and Cognitive Development in Young Children - Ruth Ford
Babies' and Young Childrens' Social and Emotional Development - Tricia David with Sacha Powell
Language Development in the Young Child - Thea Cameron-Faulkner
Play and Development in Early Childhood - Justine Howard
Cultural-Historical Theories of Child Development - Marilyn Fleer
Part III: Policy and Provision for Young Children
Early Childhood Policy and Services - Sonia Jackson
Children's Rights and the Law - Nigel Thomas
Early Childhood Education (ECE) - Iram Siraj-Blatchford
Child Welfare and Protection - Dendy Platt
Children's Health and Wellbeing - Sally Robinson
Inclusive Policy and Practice - Siobhan O'Connor
Part IV: Developing Effective Practice
Observing Children to Improve Practice - Helen Moylett
Undertaking Research with Young Children - Alison Clark
Is Working Together Working? - Angela Anning
Effective Early Childhood Leadership - Carol Aubrey
Early Childhood Education for Sustainability - Nicola Kemp
Opening Pandora's Box: Postmodernist Perspectives of Childhood - Jayne Osgood
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