Introduction to Early Childhood

Introduction to Early Childhood


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PART ONE: HISTORY AND THEORIES OF CHILDHOOD A History of Childhood: Adult Constructs and Children's Agency - Michael Wyness Modern Childhoods: Contemporary Theories and Children's Lives - Tim Waller International Perspectives - Libby Lee-Hammond with Tim Waller PART TWO: INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY Children's Rights to Participation - Gill Handley Understanding Diversity - Prospera Tedam Inclusive Practice for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) - Christine Hickman and Kyffin Jones PART THREE: LEARNING AND PLAY Play and Creativity - Paulette Luff Outdoor Play and Learning - Helen Tovey and Tim Waller Children and Media - Jane O'Connor PART FOUR: HEALTH, WELLBEING AND PROTECTION Child Health - Sharon Smith and Tania Hart Wellbeing - Jane Waters Protecting and Safeguarding Children - Celia Doyle Working with Families - Eunice Lumsden and Celia Doyle PART FIVE: PROFESSIONAL WORKING Professional Work in Early Childhood - Denise Hevey Joined-up Thinking in Practice: An Exploration of Professional Collaboration - Eunice Lumsden Leadership and Change Management in Early Childhood - Geraldine Davis PART SIX: RESEARCH AND REFLECTION Researching Young Children's Worlds - Jane Murray Reflective Practice - Caroline Jones
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