Business Ethics and Society

Business Ethics and Society

Global challenges and opportunities

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SECTION I. APPLICATION OF ETHICAL THEORIES TO BUSINESS IN SOCIETY 1. Introduction. Business ethics or business in society: What is the difference and why does it matter? 2. Ethics in classic and modern philosophy and its relevance to business in society 3. Moral relativism and post-modern ethics in business and society 4. Religion and ethics: Business ethics in Islamic and Confucian societies SECTION II. KEY ISSUES AND IMPLICATIONS OF BUSINESS IN SOCIETY 5. Globalisation, value chains and conspicuous consumption 6. The power of interest groups: Intertwining business with politics 7. Whistle-blowing: public and personal duty 8. Social entrepreneurship: business and community responses 9. Diversity and otherness: gender, race and ethnicity in organisations SECTION III: FUTURE CHALLENGES FOR BUSINESS IN SOCIETY 10. Social justice and human rights - are these business issues? 11. Doing good by doing well: poverty reduction and addressing global inequalities? 12. Technology, economic growth and ethics: what are the challenges? 13. Conclusions - the future of business in society
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