Cancer and Cancer Care

Cancer and Cancer Care

Hulbert-Williams, Nicholas; Wyatt, Debbie

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Preface - Debbie Wyatt and Nicholas Hulbert-Williams
Cancer in Context - Debbie Wyatt, Brooke Swash and Nicholas Hulbert-Williams
Cancer Risk and Screening - Christine Campbell
Cancer Detection and Diagnosis - Daniel Seddon and Paul McKenzie
The Biology of Cancer - Debbie Wyatt and Victoria Bates
Tumour Pathology: Classification, Grading and Staging - Paul Mansour
Lifespan Perspectives: Children, Teenagers and Young Adults - Ruth Sadik and David Wright
Lifespan Perspectives: Older Adults - Hazel Brodie
Diversity and Equality in Cancer Care - Mark Johnson and Julie Fish
Cancer and Mental Illness - Maureen Deacon and Elise Hymanson
Cancer and Intellectual Disability - Irene Tuffrey-Wijne
Surgery - George Foster, Tina Lightfoot and Dale Vimalchandran
Cytotoxic Chemotherapy - Elaine Lennan
Radiotherapy - Kate Parker, Ann Maloney and Debbie Wyatt
Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation - Colin Thain and Jacqueline Bloomfield
Biological Therapy - Anoop Haridass and Helen Neville-Webbe
Gene Therapy - Fiona Gibbs
Effective Communication in Cancer Care - Catherine Heaven and Claire Green
Psychosocial Adjustment to Cancer - Nick Hulbert-Williams and Gill Hubbard
Assessment of Psychological Wellbeing and Emotional Distress - Alex J Mitchell
The Impact of Cancer on Family Members and Family Caregivers - Eila Watson and Mary Boulton
The Impact of Cancer on Body Image and Sexuality - Daniel Kelly and Liz Forbat
Psychological Care and Support for People Affected by Cancer - Alex King, Nicholas Hulbert-Williams and Samantha Flynn
Survivorship and Self-Management in Cancer Care - Claire Foster
Lifestyle Change and Health Promotion in Cancer Survivorship - Lee Hulbert-Williams
The Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Cancer Care - Lesley Storey
Art and Music Therapy in Cancer Care - Fay Mitchell and Leslie Bunt
Spirituality and Existential Angst - Mark Cobb
Adjusting to the Palliative Phase and Preparing for End of Life - Alison Conner and Kathryn Mannix
Bereavement Support in Cancer Care - Margaret Foulkes
Supporting Healthcare Professionals in Cancer Settings - Jan Woodhouse
Involving and Engaging People Affected by Cancer - Gill Hubbard, Bill Culbard, Peter McAlear and Liz Forbat
Clinical Drug Trials in Cancer Care - Pat Gillis and Emma Whitby
Psychosocial Research in Cancer Care - Fiona Kennedy and Nicholas Hulbert-Williams
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