Child Language

Child Language

Acquisition and Development

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Chapter 1: Landmarks in the Landscape of Child Language Chapter 2: Can Animals Acquire Human Language? Shakespeare's Typewriter Chapter 3: The Critical Period Hypothesis: Now or Never? Chapter 4: Input and Interaction: Tutorials for Toddlers Chapter 5: Language in the First Year: Breaking the Sound Barrier Chapter 6: The Developing Lexicon: What's in a Name? Chapter 7: The Acquisition of Morphology: Linguistic Lego Chapter 8: Linguistic Nativism: To the Grammar Born Chapter 9: The Usage-Based Approach: Making It up as You Go along Chapter 10: You Say Nature, I Say Nurture: Better Call the Calling off off
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Child language;Linguistics;child psychology;Language acquisition;noam chomsky;child development;lexicon;morphology