Contemporary Issues in Sport Management

Contemporary Issues in Sport Management

A Critical Introduction

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Foreword - Earle Zeigler Introduction - Terri Byers PART ONE: GLOBAL ISSUES Chapter 1: Glocal Sport - Impact on Corporations and Institutions - Oliver Rick, Callie Batts-Maddox and David L. Andrews Chapter 2: The Commercialization of Sport - Patrick A. Reid and Daniel S. Mason Chapter 3: Technology and Innovation - Antonio Davila and George Foster Chapter 4: Corruption in Sport - Wladimir Andreff Chapter 5: The Global Economics of Sport - Chris Gratton, Dongfeng Liu, Girish Ramchandani and Darryl Wilson Chapter 6: Ethical Behaviour and Values in Sport - Gabriela Tymowski, Terri Byers and Fred Mason Chapter 7: Politics and Sport Governance - Russell Holden Chapter 8: International Sport Law - Kevin Carpenter Chapter 9: Media and Communications - Andrea Geurin-Eagleman Chapter 10: Human Resource Management in Sport - Shannon Kerwin Chapter 11: Strategic Management - Danny O'Brien and Ben Corbett Chapter 12: Animals in Sport - Andrew Byers and Dene Stansall PART TWO: NATIONAL ISSUES Chapter 13: Sport Policy - Jiandong Yi Chapter 14: Mega Sport Events - Kamilla Swart Chapter 15: Sport Participation - Jason Bocarro and Michael Edwards Chapter 16: Leadership - Mark McDonald and Kirsty Spence Chapter 17: Gender - Annelies Knoppers and Agnes Elling-Machartzi Chapter 18: Performance Mangement - Leigh Robinson and Mathieu Winand Chapter 19: Doping - Aaron Smith and Bob Stewart Chapter 20: Gambling and the Sports Betting Industry - David Forrest Chapter 21: Funding for Sport - Elwyn Cox Chapter 22: Match Fixing in International Sport - Andrew Harvey and Haim Levi Chapter 23: Disability Sport - Ian Brittain PART THREE: ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES Chapter 24: Ownership - John Beech Chapter 25: Social Media Challenges - Sebastian Kopera Chapter 26: Managing Social Media in Sport - Olan Scott, Katherine Bruffy and Michael Naylor Chapter 27: Brand Management in Sport - Jonathon Edwards Chapter 28: Crisis Management - Stacey Hall Chapter 29: Sexuality: Homohysteria and Coming Out in Sport - Ryan Scoats and Eric Anderson Chapter 30: Fan Loyalty in Sport - Joerg Koenigstorfer Chapter 31: Trust and Control in Sport Organizations - Terri Byers and Alex Thurston Chapter 32: Sponsorship in Sport - Nicolas Chanavat and Guillaume Bodet Chapter 33: Athlete Transgressions: Implications for Sports Managers - Kate Westberg, Constantino Stavros, Bradley Wilson and Aaron Smith Chapter 34: Corporate Social Responsibility of and through Sport - Christos Anagnostopoulos and Dimitrios Kolyperas PART FOUR: EMPLOYABILITY Conclusions: The Employability 'Race' in Sport Management - Terri Byers
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