Counselling Young People

Counselling Young People

A Practitioner Manual

Kirkbride, Rebecca

Sage Publications Ltd






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Part 1: The Development of the Young Person
1. Understanding Young People and their Development
Part 2: Counselling Young People: Theory and Practice
2. Therapeutic Models for Counselling Young People
3. Assessment with Young People
4. The Therapeutic Relationship
5. Working with Emotions
6. Using Creative and Symbolic Interventions
7. Working with Groups
Part 3: Counselling Young People: Professional and Practice Issues
8. Engaging Young People and their Families
9. Evaluation and use of Measures in Counselling Young People
10. Ethical and Legal Issues
11. Risk and Safeguarding
12. Working with Other Agencies
13. Supervision
14. Developing Culturally Competent Practice
Part 4: Counselling Young People: Contexts and Settings
15. Educational Settings
16. Voluntary/Third-sector Settings
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therapy with young people;humanistic counselling;counselling groups;therapeutic models;psychological intervention;understanding young people;counselling and psychotherapy;working with young people