Critical Social Research Ethics, 4v

Critical Social Research Ethics, 4v

Smart, Barry; Peggs, Kay; Burridge, Joseph

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VOLUME ONE Critical Reflections on Ethics in Social Research - Barry Smart and Kay Peggs Part One: Philosophy, ethics and social inquiry: themes and issues Aristotle on the Objectivity of Ethics - Robert Bolton Professional Ethics - Emile Durkheim The Ethics of Intellectual Life and Work - T. Fowler The Philosophical Basis of Ethics - George H. Mead The Sociological Basis of Ethics - Charles A. Ellwood Sociology as Ethics - Edward Cary Hayes Science and Ethics - Bertrand Russell Metaethics and Normative Ethics - Alan Gewirth The Position of Women as Influencing Ethics - Charlotte Perkins Gilman Social Science Research Ethics: Historical and Philosophical Issues - Karen Strohm Kitchener and Richard Kitchener Part Two: Alternative perspectives on ethics, science and social research Ethics as a Measure of Scientific Truth - P.K. Feyerabend Postmodern Ethical Conditions and a Critical Response - Neta C. Crawford Constrained Constructivism: Locating Scientific Inquiry in the Theater of Representation - N. Katherine Hayles Feminist Research Ethics - Judith Preissle and Yuri Han Posthuman Ethics with Cary Wolfe and Karen Barad: Animal Compassion as Trans-Species Entanglement - Florence Chiew Assembling Ethics in an Ecology of Ignorance - Paul Rabinow VOLUME TWO Part One: Universities, ethical principles and the practice of social research Professional Ethics - Andrew Abbott Ethical Influences in University Life - Crawford Howell Toy Research Policy and Funding - Academic Treadmills and the Squeeze on Intellectual Spaces - Katherine Smith Audit Culture and Illiberal Governance: Universities and the Politics of Accountability - Cris Shore The Ethics of Multiple Authorship: Power, Performativity and the Gift Economy - Bruce Macfarlane An Analysis of the Ethics of Peer Review and Other Traditional Academic Publishing Practices - Valentine Cawley The Academic Ethics of Open Access to Research and Scholarship - John Willinsky and Juan Pablo Alperin Researching Researchers: Lessons for Research Ethics - Rose Wiles, Vikki Charles, Graham Crow and Sue Heath Measuring Scientific Misconduct-Lessons from Criminology - Felicitas Hesselmann, Verena Wienefoet and Martin Reinhart Part Two: Ethics committees and ethical review: analysis and critique Research Ethics Committees: Values and Power in Higher Education - Ruth McAreavey and Jenny Muir Research Participants' Views on Ethics in Social Research: Issues for Research Ethics Committees - Jane Lewis and Jenny Graham Ethics Creep: Governing Social Science Research in the Name of Ethics - Kevin Haggert Comment on Kevin D. Haggerty, "Ethics Creep: Governing Social Science Research in the Name of Ethics" - Howard S. Becker The Ethical Dilemma of Ethical Committees - Stuart Derbyshire Confronting the Anti-Democrats: The Unethical Nature of Ethical Regulation in Social Science - Robert Dingwall Conducting Research with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations: Navigating Research Ethics Board Reviews - Lea Tufford et al. Against the Ethicists: On the Evils of Ethical Regulation - Martin Hammersley Extending the Olive Branch: Enhancing Communication and Trust between Research Ethics Committees and Qualitative Researchers - Suzanne McMurphy, Jacqueline Lewis and Pierre Boulos Seeking University Research Ethics Committee Approval: The Emotional Vicissitudes of a 'Rationalised' Process - Lee F. Monaghan, Maria O'Dwyer and Jonathan Gabe Are Research Ethics Committees Behaving Unethically? Some Suggestions for Improving Performance and Accountability - Julian Savulescu, Iain Chalmers and Jennifer Blunt The Case against Ethics Review in the Social Sciences - Zachary Schrag Reputational Risk, Academic Freedom and Research Ethics Review - Adam Hedgecoe VOLUME THREE Part One: (Un)ethical Research, Contested Knowledge and Critical Social Inquiry Tracking the Truth or Selling One's Soul? Reflections on the Ethics of a Piece of Commissioned Research - Vince Ham Ten Lies of Ethnography: Moral Dilemmas of Field Research - Gary Alan Fine Clinical Research Fraud - Jane Barrett The Ethics of Using Medical Data from Nazi Experiments - Baruch Cohen The Ethics of Social Research: The Tuskegee Syphilis Study - Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber and Patricia Leavy African Americans' Views on Research and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study - Vicki Freimuth et al. Some Conditions of Obedience and Disobedience to Authority - Stanley Milgram "Torture at Yale": Experimental Subjects Laboratory Torment and the "Rehabilitation" of Milgram's "Obedience to Authority" - Ian Nicholson Promises, Promises: Lessons in Research Ethics from the Belfast Project and the "Rape Tape" Case - Kay Inkle Philosophical Reflections on Experimenting with Human Subjects - Hans Jonas An Unfortunate Experiment at National Women's - Sandra Coney and Phillida Bunkle Part Two: Questions of Ethics, Consent, and Confidentiality Ethics in Action: Consent-Gaining Interactions and Implications for Research Practice - Susan Speer and Elizabeth Stokoe Removing the 'Gag': Involving People with Dementia in Research as Advisers and Participants - Jenni Brooks, Nada Savitch and Kate Gridley Consent and Informed Consent: Their Ongoing Evolutions in Clinical Care and Research on Humans - Dennis J. Mazur Research without Consent - Paul Spicker "You Still Takin' Notes?" Fieldwork and Problems of Informed Consent - Barrie Thorne The Betrayal of Research Confidentiality in British Sociology - John Lowmans and Ted Palys Four Pillars of Internet Research Ethics with Web 2.0 - Barry Rooke Informed Consent and the Facebook Emotional Manipulation Study - Catherine Flick VOLUME FOUR Part One: Divisions, Differences, and Diversity: Critical Ethical Dilemmas in Social Research Reflections and Recommendations on Research Ethics in Developing Countries - S.R. Benatar Ethnic Diversity and Inequality: Ethical and Scientific Rigour in Social Research - Sarah Salway et al. Ethical Challenges in Mental Health Research among Internally Displaced People: Ethical Theory and Research Implementation - Chesmal Siriwardhana et al. Women, Genocide and Memory: The Ethics of Feminist Ethnography in Holocaust Research - Janet Liebman Jacobs Philsophy, Ethics and the Disability Community - Martin Sullivan The Problem of Speaking for Others - Linda Alcoff Speaking about Others and Speaking Personally: Reflections after Elspeth Probyn's Sexing the Self - Nick Couldry Where Are Human Subjects in Big Data Research? The Emerging Ethics Divide - Jacob Metcalf and Kate Crawford Part Two: Elites and Social Research: Critical Engagements Elites: Remembered in Capitalism and Forgotten in Social Sciences - Mike Savage and Karel Williams Methodological Dilemmas and Opportunities in Interviewing Organizational Elites - Kevin Delaney Culture, Power, and Social Disparity: Researching Russia's Upper Class - Elisabeth Schimpfossl On Studying the Powerful (or Fearing to Do So): A Vital Role for IRBs - Joan Sieber Ethics and Politics of Studying Up in Technoscience - Diana Forsythe "Surely You're Not in This Just to Be Helpful" Access, Rapport and Interviews in Three Studies of Elites - Susan A. Ostrander Today's Intellectuals: Too Obedient? - Fred Inglis
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