Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Your Guide to Effective Argument, Successful Analysis and Independent Study

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- What is critical thinking (and why does it matter?)? PART ONE: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF BEING REASONABLE Chapter 1: Understanding the reasons behind things Chapter 2: Spelling out arguments and assumptions Chapter 3: Reasoning with logic and certainty Chapter 4: Reasoning with observation and uncertainty Chapter 5: Developing explanations and theories Chapter 6: Assessing evidence and planning your reading strategy PART TWO: BEING REASONABLE IN AN UNREASONABLE WORLD Chapter 7: Getting to grips with rhetoric Chapter 8: Seeing through faulty reasoning Chapter 9: Understanding cognitive bias Chapter 10: Overcoming bias in yourself and others Chapter 11: Thinking critically about technology Chapter 12: Putting it all together: critical thinking in study, work and life
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