Does Civil Society Matter?

Does Civil Society Matter?

Governance in Contemporary India


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Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction: Civil Society and Governance: Issues and Problematics - Rajesh Tandon and Ranjita Mohanty I: A Critique of the Notion of Civil Society as the Third Sphere - Neera Chandhoke The Civil Society-Governance Interface: An Indian Perspective - Rajesh Tandon The Crisis of Governance - Jayaprakash Narayan Civil Society and the Goal of Good Governance - T K Oommen Corruption and the Right to Information - Harsh Mander II: Save the Chilika Movement: Interrogating the State and the Market - Ranjita Mohanty When the Voiceless Speak: A Case Study of the Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha - Neera Chandhoke Democratic Governance, Civil Society and Dalit Protest - Sudha Pai and Ram Narayan A View from the Subalterns: The Pavement Dwellers of Mumbai - Bishnu N Mohapatra Land Distribution for Kol Tribals in Uttar Pradesh - B K Joshi References Index
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civil society;Chilika Bachao Andolan;Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha;dalit assertions;pavement dwellers;fight of Kol tribals