Early Childhood Studies

Early Childhood Studies

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Introduction - Damien Fitzgerald & Heloise Maconochie PART I: The Individual Child Chapter 1: The emergence of Early Childhood Studies: an historic overview - Rita Winstone Chapter 2: The brain and children's early development - Heloise Maconochie Chapter 3: Children as thinkers: Philosophy for Children - Fufy Demissie Chapter 4: Children as learners: multimodal perspectives on play and learning - Karen Daniels & Roberta Taylor Chapter 5: Creativity, curiosity and resilience - Sarah Rawding PART II: Children Interacting Chapter 6: Children as communicators: peers and others - Tanya Richardson Chapter 7: Children's friendships - Caron Carter Chapter 8: Children within the family context - Eunice Lumsden Chapter 9: 'Supporting' play - Philippa Thompson Part III: Supporting Children Chapter 10: Inclusion and participation - Penny Borkett Chapter 11: Children's health - Pam Dewis Chapter 12: The politics of children's services - Marie Lavelle Chapter 13: Safeguarding children - Ginny Boyd Chapter 14: Young children's wellbeing: conceptualising, assessing and supporting wellbeing - Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen, Sofia Guimaraes, Michelle Cottle & Sally Howe Chapter 15: Children, families and English as an additional language - Ester Ehiyazaryan-White Part IV: The Social Environment Chapter 16: The educational environment - Alison Glentworth Chapter 17: Working with families and professionals from other agencies - Heloise Maconochie & Jill Branch Chapter 18: Childhoods in a global context - Monica Edwards Chapter 19: Contemporary issues - Jenny Robson Chapter 20: Young Children, Childhood and Gender - Damien Fitzgerald Chapter 21: Technology and early digital culture - Adam Holden Part V: Your Journey Chapter 22: Observing and assessing children - Jane Murray Chapter 23: Researching with children - Amanda Hatton Chapter 24: Becoming a professional: entanglements with identity and practice - Karen Barr Chapter 25: Learning through placements - Caroline Leeson Chapter 26: Leading quality practice - Mary E. Whalley
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