Emotion-Focused Counselling in Action

Emotion-Focused Counselling in Action

Elliott, Robert; Greenberg, Leslie

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1. Emotion-Focused Counselling and the Person-Centred-Experiential Approach 2. Emotion Theory in Emotion-Focused Counselling 3. Deepening and Transforming Emotion 4. Beginning Emotion-Focused Counselling: Fostering the Relationship and Beginning the Work 5. Early Working Phase: Unfolding and Focusing 6. Early Working Phase: Two Chair Work 7. Late Working Phase: Empty Chair Work for Unresolved Relational Issues 8. Late Working Phase: Empathic Affirmation & Compassionate Self Soothing 9. Consolidation Phase: The Work of Ending Well 10. Next Steps in Emotion-Focused Counselling References Appendix I - EFT THERAPIST SESSION FORM Appendix II - Person-centred & experiential psychotherapy scale-eft-t supplement Appendix III - Person-Centred & Experiential Psychotherapy Scale-EFT Observer-Rating Version Appendix IIII - Helpful Aspects of Therapy Form (H.A.T.)
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Counselling;Mental health;therapy;therapeutic modalities;Psychotherapy