Essential Research Methods in Psychology

Essential Research Methods in Psychology

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Chapter 1. Psychological research: doing the right thing? - Philip Banyard Chapter 2. Experimental methods - Andrew Harris, Russell Turk, Mike Vernon and Juliet Ruth Helen Wakefield Chapter 3. Survey methods - Lucy Betts, Moon Halder, Mark Sergeant and Ben Oldfield Chapter 4. Neuroscientific methods - Andrew Clouter and Darren Rhodes Chapter 5. Randomised controlled trials - Janet Vousden and Anna Cunningham Chapter 6. Interviews - David Wilde, Beth Jones, Jennifer Mackay and Lisa Sanderson Chapter 7. Focus groups - Lydia Harkin and Francesca Chloe Ryding Chapter 8. Naturally occurring data - Anastasia Rousaki, Eva Prikrylova, Kristina Newman and Sarah Seymour-Smith Chapter 9. Visual methods - David Wilde and Amanda Edmondson Chapter 10. Combining two methods: Interviews and psychometrics - Rowena Hill, Lisa Sanderson and Beth Jones Chapter 11: Repertory grids - Nicholas Blagden and Rosie Kitson-Boyce Chapter 12. Case studies - Rusi Jaspal, Caroline Flowers and Melina Throuvala Chapter 13. Behavioural observations - Emma J. Vardy, Treshi-Marie Perera and James Stiller
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