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Appreciations to . . . Preface Acknowledgments About the Author Chapter 1: An Overview: The First Step Overview The Problem Basic or Applied Role Theory Research Design: Fieldwork Formal Analysis The Ethnography Book Organization Chapter 2: Anthropological Concepts: Walking in Rhythm Culture Holistic Perspective Contextualization Emic Perspective and Multiple Realities Etic Perspective Nonjudgmental Orientation Inter- and Intracultural Diversity Structure and Function Symbol and Ritual Micro- or Macrolevel Study Reflexivity Operationalism Chapter 3: Methods and Techniques: A Wilderness Guide Fieldwork Selection and Sampling Entry Participant Observation Interviewing Lists and Forms Questionnaires Projective Techniques Additional Eliciting Devices Unobtrusive Measures Chapter 4: Ethnographic Equipment: Gearing Up Pen and Paper Digital Voice Recorders Smart Phones Web Mapping Services Tablets Computers Database Software Cameras Video Camera Cinema Internet Chapter 5: Analysis: Finding Your Way Through the Forest Thinking Triangulation Patterns Key Events Maps Flowcharts Organizational Charts Matrices Content Analysis Statistics Crystallization Chapter 6: Writing: Recording the Miracle Research Proposals Field Notes Field Note Organization Memoranda Interim Reports Final Reports, Blogs, Data Visualizations, Articles, and Books Thick Description and Verbatim Quotations Ethnographic Present Ethnographic Presence Ethnographically Informed Reports Literature Revising and Editing Chapter 7: Ethics: Walking Softly Through the Wilderness Historical Context The Ethnographer's Role Academic and Applied Ethnography Research Life Cycle Conclusion Appendix: Organization of Field Notes References Index
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Ethography;Ethnographic methods;Qualitative methods;Fieldwork;Anthropology;Ethnography: Step-by-Step, Fourth Edition;Fetterman