Everyday Courage for School Leaders

Everyday Courage for School Leaders

Lassiter, Cathy J.

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PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ABOUT THE AUTHOR INTRODUCTION PART I. FOUNDATIONS FOR EVERYDAY COURAGE CHAPTER 1. WHAT IS EVERYDAY COURAGE? The Evolution of Courage Modern Science Studies Courage Everyday Courage for School Leaders Defined Moral Courage Intellectual Courage Disciplined Courage Empathetic Courage The Neuroscience of Courage and Fear Conclusion CHAPTER 2. MAKING THE CASE FOR EVERYDAY COURAGE The Unspoken Requirement Professional Standards for Educational Leaders Losing Our Leaders Overcoming Fear Impacting Our People The Impact of Courage at Work Conclusion PART II. PRACTICING EVERYDAY COURAGE: THE THREE CUPS CHAPTER 3. CUP OF COURAGE: TRUST PRACTICES Overview of Trust Consequences of Distrust Benefits of Organizational Trust Conclusion CHAPTER 4. CUP OF COURAGE: ACCOUNTABILITY PRACTICES Overview of Accountability Accountability That Works Conclusion CHAPTER 5. CUP OF COURAGE: RISK-TAKING PRACTICES Overview of Risk-Taking Taking Smart Risks How to Take Risks The Benefits of Taking Risks Characteristics of Innovative Leaders Becoming an Innovative Leader Benefits of Innovative Leadership Conclusion PART III. ACTIVATING EVERYDAY COURAGE: PERSONAL REFLECTION AND DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER 6. ADVANCING YOUR EVERYDAY COURAGE Natural-Born Leaders Believe in Yourself Without Limits Keep Worry at Bay Be Optimistic The Right Kind of Practice From Purposeful to Deliberate Practice Creating Your Practice Plan Conclusion CHAPTER 7. ASSESS AND STRENGTHEN YOUR EVERYDAY COURAGE Scoring Your CQ Lessons Learned/Observations Courageous Practices for School Leaders Strategy Starters for Purposeful Practice Trust Cup Practices Accountability Cup Practices Risk-Taking Cup Practices FINAL THOUGHTS REFERENCES INDEX
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Leadership;Courage;School Culture;Accountability;Equity;Resilience