Foundations of Adult Nursing

Foundations of Adult Nursing

Burns, Dianne

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Part One
Chapter 1: Essentials of Nursing: Values, Knowledge, Skills and Practice - Joanne Timpson, Elizabeth Lee-Woolf and Jane Brooks
Chapter 2: Nursing Therapeutics - Caroline Jagger, Healther Iles-Smith and Dianne Burns
Chapter 3: Fundamental Aspects of Adult Nursing - Dianne Burns, Mark Cole and Penelope Stamford
Chapter 4: Interprofessional and Multidisciplinary Team Working - Jean Rogers and Sarah Booth
Chapter 5: Medicines Management - Julie Gregory and Charlotte Middleton
Chapter 6: Evidence-based Practice and the Importance of Research - Ann Wakefield and Nicola Olleveant
Chapter 7: Clinical Decision Making - Mary Cooke
Chapter 8: Leadership and Management - Dianne Burns
Chapter 9: Developing Practice and Managing Change - Dianne Burns
Part Two
Chapter 10: Supporting and Promoting Health - Helen Davidson, Karen Iley and Susan Ramsdale
Chapter 11: Specialist care of the older person - Emma Stanmore and Christine Brown Wilson
Chapter 12: Caring for Adults with Long-Term Conditions - Judith Ormrod and Dianne Burns
Chapter 13: Caring for the Acutely Ill Adult - Paul Tierney and Julie Gregory
Chapter 14: Caring for the Critically Ill Adult - Samantha Freeman, Colin Steen and Greg Bleakley
Chapter 15: The Provision of Effective Palliative Care for Adults - John Costello
Chapter 16: Managing the Transition to Registered Nursing Practice - Karen Heggs and Samantha Freeman
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