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Global Health

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Studying and Working in Global Health - Michelle McLean and Trevor Gibbs Health Systems - Tolib Mirzoev and Rosemary Morgan Human Resources for Health - Ann K Allen and Judy McKimm Health Inequalities - Philippa K Bird and Kate E Pickett Human Health and the Global Environment - Stefi Barna, Jason Horsley, Sarah Walpole Climate Change, Long-Term Conditions and Sustainable Healthcare - Stefi Barna and Sarah Walpole Working with Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers - Philip Cotton and Andrea Williamson Primary Healthcare - Merlin Wilcox David Mant and Brian Nicholson Communicable Diseases - Colin S Brown and William Newsholme Non-Communicable Diseases, Injuries, Suicide and Self-Harm - Rhys Williams and Ann John Mental Health, Mental Illness and Disability - Subodh Dave, Rachel Jenkins and Nisha Dogra Maternal Health - Dileep Wijeratne and Alison Fiander Child and Adolescent Health - Bhanu Williams, Anu Goenka, Dan Magnus and Stephen Allen Global Surgery - Chris Lavy, Nyengo Mkandawire and Godfrey Muguti Global Emergency Care and Disaster Health - Georgina Phillips, Amy Neilson and Rob Mitchell Project Planning and Evaluation - Ann K Allen
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