Global Leadership Perspectives

Global Leadership Perspectives

Insights and Analysis


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Part I: INSIGHTS Chapter 1: Arab Middle East: Diwan, Ummah and Wasta: The Pillars of Arab Leadership Chapter 2: Argentina: Gaucho's, Rebels and Dictators: Leadership in Argentina Chapter 3: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): In Pursuit of ASEAN Pride Chapter 4: Australia: Leadership Identity in the Making Chapter 5: Brazil: Tensions, Contradictions and Development Chapter 6: China: Paternalism and Paradox of Leadership at the Dawn of a New Era Chapter 7: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Ambiguities and Challenges of Leadership Chapter 8: Ethiopia: The Faces of Leadership in Ethiopia Chapter 9: France: Exploring the French Paradoxes and Promises of Leadership Chapter 10: Germany: German Leadership: A Dialectical Approach Chapter 11: India: Cultural Ethos and Leadership Styles: Indian Perspectives Chapter 12: Japan: You're the Leader? The Long-Term Relationship Approach to Japanese Leadership Chapter 13: Mexico: The Essence of Leadership in Mexico Chapter 14: Poland: Swaying Between Functionalism and Humanistic Management Chapter 15: Russia: Leadership in Russia: Between Hero and Victim Chapter 16: Scandinavia: Scandinavian Leadership and the (E)quality Imperative Chapter 17: South Africa: A Racialized and Gendered Leadership Landscape Chapter 18: Turkey: Thriving on Uncertainty: Leadership in Turkey Chapter 19: The United Kingdom: Dis-United Kingdom? Leadership at a Crossroads Chapter 20: United States of America: Mourning in America: Leadership in the Divided States of America Part II: Analysis Chapter 21: Unravelling Leadership: Introduction to Analysis and Methodology Chapter 22: The Four Discourses of Leadership Chapter 23: Insider-Leadership: A Discourse Analysis Chapter 24: Outsider-Leadership: In Search of Lack Conclusion
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