Global Policing and Transnational Law Enforcement

Global Policing and Transnational Law Enforcement


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VOLUME 1: THEORISING GLOBAL POLICING AND TRANSNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT: INTERDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES Part One: The idea of transnational policing Policing the World - Malcolm Anderson Cops Across Borders: The Internationalization of U.S. Criminal Law Enforcement - Ethan Nadelmann Transnational policing and the makings of a postmodern state - James Sheptycki The Role of Enforcement of Law in the Establishment of a New International Order: A Proposal for a Transnational Police Force - Robert Johansen and Saul Mendlovitz Transnational Policing: The Globalization Thesis, a Typology and a Research Agenda - Ben Bowling Part Two: History The international campaign against anarchist terrorism, 1880-1930s - Richard Bach Jensen Bureaucratization and Social Control: Historical Foundations of International Police - Mathieu Deflem The Emergence of Police - The Colonial Dimension - Mike Brogden Part Three: Sociology, politics and international relations The Global Cops Cometh: Reflections on Transnationalization, Knowledge Work and Policing Subculture - James Sheptycki Reasonable force: the emergence of global policing power - Barry Ryan International Policing and International Relations - Bethan Greener The Possibility of Transnational Policing - Alice Hills Part Four: The Future Of Global Policing Policing The Globe: Criminalization And Crime Control In International Relations. - Peter Andreas and Ethan Nedelmann Conclusion: The Global Cops Have Arrived - Ben Bowling and James Sheptycki VOLUME 2: THE STRUCTURES OF GLOBAL POLICING AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Part Five: The Architecture Of Global Policing Global Policing - Ben Bowling and James Sheptycki The Accountability of Transnational Policing Institutions: The Strange Case of Interpol - James Sheptycki UNPOL: UN Police as Peacekeepers - Bethan Greener Part Six: Overseas Liaison Officers Liaison Officers in Europe: New Officers in the European Security Field - Didier Bigo Transgovernmentalism Meets Security: Police Liaison Officers, Terrorism, and Statist Transnationalism - Ersel Ayidinli and Hasan Yoen Overseas Liaison Officers - Ben Bowling Part Seven: Security Assemblages: High-Low/Public-Private/Surveillance-Coercion Security Beyond The State: Global Security Assemblages In International Politics. - Rita Abrahamsen and Michael Williams The Transnational Security Consultancy Industry: A Case Of State-Corporate Symbiosis - Connor O'Reilly The Surveillant Assemblage. - Kevin Haggerty and Richard Ericson Part Eight: Policing The European Union Police, Policy And Politics In Brussels: Scenarios For The Shift From Sovereignty To Solidarity. - Monica Den Boer Squaring The Circle With Mutual Recognition? Demoi-Cratic Governance In Practice. - Julia Sievers and Susanne Schmidt Part Nine: Case Studies: China, Africa And Russia Strategies Of Police Cooperation: Comparing The Southern Chinese Seaboard With The European Union. - Saskia Hufnagel Police Co-operation In The Southern African Region: Politics and Practicalities. - Elrena Van der Spuy International Policing in Russia: Police Co-Operation Between the European Union Member States and the Russian Federation - Ludo Block VOLUME 3: SPATIAL DIMENSIONS OF TRANSNATIONAL POLICING Part Ten: Theorising The Border Borders As Information Flows And Transnational Networks. - Peter Shields The (In)Securitization Practices of the Three Universes of EU Border Control: Military/Navy - Border Guards/Police - Database Analysts - Didier Bigo Part Eleven: Land Borders Policing Across A Dimorphous Border: Challenge And Innovation At The French-German Border. - Detlef Nogala Police Cooperation Across the Irish Border: Familiarity Breeding Contempt for Transparency and Accountability. - Dermot P.J. Walsh Establishing Cross-Border Co-Operation Between Professional Organizations: Police, Fire Brigades And Emergency Health Services In Dutch Border Regions. - Sebastiaan Pincen, Karin Geuijen, Jerome Candel, Oddy Folgerts and Ragna Hooijer Part Twelve: Policing Ports And Airports Governmentalities Of An Airport: Heterotopia And Confession. - Mark Salter 'Port Of Call': Towards A Criminology Of Port Security. - Yarin Eski Part Thirteen: Policing Seas And Oceans Policing The High Seas: The Proliferation Security Initiative. - Michael Byers Conceptualizing Maritime Environmental And Natural Resources Law Enforcement - The Case Of Illegal Fishing. - Klas Sander, Julian Lee, Valerie Hickey, Victor Mosoti, John Virdin and William Magrath Floating Carceral Spaces: Border Enforcement and Gender on the High Seas. - Sharon Pickering Part Fourteen: Policing New Transnational Spaces: Cybercrime And Mega Events Developments In The Global Law Enforcement Of Cyber-Crime. - Roderic Broadhurst Global Policing and the Case of Kim Dotcom. - Darren Palmer and Ian Warren Spectacular Security: Mega-Events And The Security Complex. - Philip Boyle and Kevin Haggerty VOLUME 4: POLICING TRANSNATIONAL PROBLEMS Part Fifteen: Policing Transnational Organised Crime, Drugs And Guns The Organization of 'Organized Crime Policing' and Its International Context - Clive Harfield Transnational Drugs Law Enforcement: The Problem Of Jurisdiction And Criminal Law. - Juan Ronderos 'The 'Drug War'; Learning From The Paradigm Example Of Transnational Policing' - James Sheptycki Guns, Crime and Social Order in the West Indies - Biko Agozino, Ben Bowling, Elizabeth Ward and Godfrey St. Bernard Part Sixteen: Policing Money Money Laundering and its Regulation. The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science - Michael Levi Responding to Transnational Corporate Bribery Using International Frameworks for Enforcement: Anti-Bribery and Corruption in the UK And Germany. - Nicholas Lord Part Seventeen: Policing Terrorism Cops and Spooks: The Role of Police In Counter-terrorism. - David Bayley and David Weisburd From Local to Global: Comparing Network Approaches to Addressing Terrorism and Transnational Crime. - Keith Cozinea, Renee Graphia Joyalb, and Huseyin Orsc Legitimacy Under Pressure: The European Web of Counter-Terrorism Networks - Monica Den Boer, Claudia Hillebrand and Andreas Noelke Part Eighteen: Policing Migration And People Trafficking Refugee Protection Meets Migration Management: UNHCR as a Global Police of Populations - Stephan Scheel and Philipp Ratfisch Policing Migration: A Framework for Investigating the Regulation of Global Mobility. - Leanne Weber and Ben Bowling Trafficking and Global Crime Control - Maggy Lee Part Nineteen: The Expanding Scope of Transnational Policing: Environmental Crime, Genocide and Global Governance Conceptualizing and Combating Transnational Environmental Crime. - Glen Wright International Criminal Investigations of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity: A War Crimes Investigator's Perspective - John Cencich Global Policing and Transnational Rule With Law. - Ben Bowling and James Sheptycki
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