Handbook of Physical Education

Handbook of Physical Education

Macdonald, Doune; Kirk, David; O'Sullivan, Mary

SAGE Publications Ltd






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PART ONE: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION RESEARCH The Philosophy, Science and Application of Behaviour Analysis in Physical Education - Phillip Ward Interpretive Perspectives in Physical Education Research - Clive Pope Socially Critical Research Perspectives in Physical Education - Jose Devis-Devis Physical Education Research from Postmodern, Poststructural and Postcolonial Perspectives - Jan Wright Feminist Strands, Perspectives and Methodology for Research in Physical Education - Lynda M. Nilges PART TWO: CROSS-DISCIPLINARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO RESEARCH ON PHYSICAL EDUCATION Philosophy and Physical Education - William J. Morgan The Sociology of Physical Education - John Evans and Brian Davies History of Physical Education - Murray G. Phillips and Alexander Paul Roper Social Psychology and Physical Education - Cathy Lirgg Public Health and Physical Education - Stewart G. Trost PART THREE: LEARNERS AND LEARNING IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Time and Learning in Physical Education - Hans van der Mars The Classroom Ecology Paradigm - Peter A. Hastie and Daryl Siedentop Learner Cognition - Melinda Solmon Constructivist Perspectives on Learning - Inez Rovegno and John P. Dolly Situated Perspectives on Learning - Inez Rovegno Learners and Popular Culture - Rachel Sandford and Emma Rich Development and Learning of Motor Skill Competencies - Natalie Wallian and Ching Wei Chang Assessment for Learning in Physical Education - Peter J. Hay Students' Perspectives of Physical Education - Ben Dyson Student Learning within the Didactique Tradition - Chantal Amade-Escot PART FOUR: TEACHERS, TEACHING AND TEACHER EDUCATION IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Theoretical Orientations in Physical Education Teacher Education - Richard Tinning Models and Curricula of Physical Education Teacher Education - Connie Collier Learning to Teach in the Field - Daniel Behets and Lieven Vergauwen Induction of Beginning Physical Educators into the School Setting - Sandra A. Stroot and Bomna Ko Teaching Styles and Inclusive Pedagogies - Mark Byra The Way to a Teacher's Heart - Kathleen M. Armour Narrative Research in Physical Education Teachers' Beliefs - Niki Tsangaridou Teachers' Knowledge - Niki Tsangaridou Coaching and Coach Education - Pierre Trudel and Wade Gilbert Physical Education Teacher Education (PE/TE) Policy - Patt Dodds PART FIVE: PHYSICAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM Curriculum Construction and Change - Dawn Penney Research into Elementary Physical Education Programs - Lisa Hunter Sport Education - Gary D. Kinchin A View of the Research Social and Individual Responsibility Programs - Don Hellison and Tom Martinek Game-centred Approaches to Teaching Physical Education - Judy Oslin and Stephen Mitchell Physical Education and Youth Sport - Kristine de Martelaer and Marc Theeboom Health-related Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents - Gregory J. Welk, Joey C. Eisenmann and James Dollman A Bio-Behavioural Perspective Adventure Education and Physical Education - Mike Brown Teaching Dance in the Curriculum - Ralph Buck PART SIX: DIFFERENCE AND DIVERSITY IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sexuality and Physical Education - Gill Clarke Race and Ethnicity in Physical Education - Louis Harrison Jr. and Don Belcher Disability and Physical Education - Hayley Fitzgerald Girls and Physical Education - Anne Flintoff and Shiela Scraton More Art than Science? Boys, Masculinities and Physical Education Research - Michael Gard Social Class and Physical Education - John Evans and Brian Davies
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