How to Be a Happy Academic

How to Be a Happy Academic

A Guide to Being Effective in Research, Writing and Teaching


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Introduction Why is this Book Needed Get the Most from this Book Doing the Right Things Right: The Success Pyramid and The Core Language and Terminology Issues Theoretical Basis and Features Chapter 1: Academic Knowledge Work as Extreme Knowledge Work What is Academic Knowledge Work? The Nature of Academic Knowledge Work The Challenge of 'Extreme Knowledge Work' for Academic Workers Section One: Choosing the Right Academic Work: The Success Pyramid Chapter 2: Values in Academic Work Values and Identity in Academic Work and Workers Exploring Your Values Values and Integrity Reactions to Value Conflicts in Academic Workplaces First Steps to Workable Strain: Increase Your Values Literacy Chapter 3: Success and Its Indicators What Success Looks Like in Academic Work Success Is Not Equal (Especially Around Gender) Success Is About Work and Life Success and Quality Are Different Is Success Subjective or Objective? Approaching Success in Academic Knowledge Work: Occluded Games and Genres Success Indicators and The Success Pyramid Success Indicators over Academic Careers Challenges in Selecting Success Indicators Chapter 4: Doing the Right Things I: Effectiveness, Priorities, and Strategy Priorities: The Key to Effectiveness What Is Strategy? Common Challenges with Good Strategy Chapter 5: Doing the Right Things II: Goals, Tasks and Time Time in Academic Work Goals in Academic Work Common Challenges when Goal Setting Tasks in Academic Work Handling Tasks Common Challenges with Tasks Section Two: Developing The Core Chapter 6: Creativity: Adding the Vital Spark Being and Staying Creative or 'The Battle for Creativity' Threats to Creativity Chapter 7: Human Work and Self-Work The Scope and Nature of Human Work What Affects Human Work? Human Work Done Well: First Steps Relationships in Academic Work Building Relational Networks Feedback Teams and Working Groups Conflict Human Work, Self-Work: A Journey Without End Chapter 8: Learning: Success, Failure and the Growth Mindset Mindsets in Academic Work Learning for Growing: What and Why Failure: Necessary and Useful Successful Failure: A Six-Step Approach Chapter 9: Influence: Persuasion and Connection Rhetoric: The Basis for Better Influence Invention: Arguments, audience, and success Arrangement, style, and delivery: Connection and identification Memory: Practised, effortless spontaneity Above all: Be self-aware, but be yourself Chapter 10: Write Anything Better The Vulnerability of Writing in Academic Work Different Types of Writing in Academic Work The Quality-Prevalence Paradox of Academic Writing The Limitations of Trick, Tips and Social Media Genre: A Different Approach to Academic Writing Chapter 11: Developing Better Habits and Systems Everyday Tasks: Marginal and Fundamental Gains Taming Everyday Tasks Other Systems, Routines, and Habits Section Three: Bringing It All Together Chapter 12: Projections, Introspections, and Reflections on Academic Work Thinking Forward: The Future of Academic Work Thinking Inwardly: Reading Your Own Reactions Thinking On: What We Learned Writing this Book
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