Nursing Ethics

Nursing Ethics

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VOLUME ONE: DEVELOPING THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS FOR NURSING ETHICS Part One: Ethics and Etiquette The Ethics of Nursing: Talks of a Superintendent with Her Graduating Class - HCC Ethics - Or a Code of Ethics? - Lavinia Dock A Question in Ethics - M. M. Taylor Ethics of Nursing - Alice Clamageran Part Two: Codes, Oaths and Pledges Developing a Code of Ethics for the Nursing Profession - Paul Limbert Is the Professional Code Still The Cornerstone of Clinical Nursing Practice? - Philip Esterhuizen Professional Codes in a Changing Nursing Context: Literature Review - Tom Meulenbergs, Ellen Verpeet, Paul Schotsmans and Chris Gastmans Symbols and Ethics: Integrity and the Discipline of Nursing - Constance Milton Part Three: Concepts, definitions and theories of nursing ethics Ethics - Concepts and Practice - Rebecca Bergman The Search for a Conceptual Framework as a Philosophic Basis for Nursing Ethics: An Examination of Code, Contract, Context, and Covenant - Marjorie Stenberg The Moral Foundation of Nursing - Roland Yarling and Beverly McElmurry The Moral Foundation of Nursing: Yarling and McElmurry and Their Critics - Gary Foulk and M. Jan Keffer Caring, Virtue Theory, and a Foundation for Nursing Ethics - Pamela Salsberry Towards a Strong Virtue Ethics for Nursing Practice - Alan Armstrong The Trouble with Caring: A Review of Eight Arguments Against an Ethic of Care - Nancy Crigger Existential Advocacy: Philosophical Foundation of Nursing - Sally Gadow Nursing Considered as Moral Practice: A Philosophical-Ethical Interpretation of Nursing - Chris Gastmans, Bernadette Dierckx de Casterle and Paul Schotsmans A Pluralist View of Nursing Ethics - Joan McCarthy An Ethical Framework for Nursing Practice: Parse's Human becoming Theory - F Beryl Pilkington Rogerian Ethics: an Ethical Inquiry into Roger's Life and Science - Howard Butcher The Ethics of Orem's Theory - Susan Taylor and Nelda Godfrey A Theory of Goal Attainment: Philosophical and Ethical Implications - Imogene King Ethical Issues from Nursing Theoretical Perspectives - Constance Milton VOLUME TWO: NURSING ETHICS PEDAGOGY AND PRAXIS Part One: Nursing ethics pedagogy Teaching Ethics in Nursing Curricula: Traditional and Contemporary Models - Sara Fry Preface to Ethical dilemmas and nursing practice - Anne Davis and Mila Aroskar Preface to Nursing Ethics - Ian Thompson, Kath Melia and Kenneth Boyd Preface to Bioethics: A Nursing Perspective - Megan-Jane Johnstone Preface to Case Studies in Nursing Ethics - Sara Fry, Robert Veatch and Carol Taylor Nursing Ethics: Theories and Pragmatics - Leah Curtin Becoming a Nurse: the Ethical Perspective - Ann Woodruff Being, Doing, and Knowing: Developing Ethical Competence in Health Care - Stefan Eriksson, Gert Helgesson and Anna Hoeglund A Fundamental Ethical Approach to Nursing: Some Proposals for Ethics Education - Chris Gastmans Encompassing Multiple Moral Paradigms: A Challenge for Nursing Educators - Elizabeth Caldwell, Hongyan Lu and Thomas Harding Part Two: Nursing ethics praxis The Relationship of Education and Moral Reasoning to Ethical Practice: A Meta-Analysis of Quantitative Studies - Shake Ketefian Nurses' Ethical Reasoning and Behaviour: A Literature Review - Sabine Goethals, Chris Gastmans and Bernadette Dierckx de Casterle Part Three: Quandary Ethics in Nursing Ethics Pedagogy And Praxis Nursing's Most Pressing Moral Issue - Terry Pence Everyday Nursing Concerns: Unique? Trivial? Or Essential to Health Care Ethics? - Carol Taylor Professional Ethics and Institutional Constraints in Nursing Practice - Anne Davis and Mila Aroskar Introduction: Ethics, Nursing, and the Crisis in Health Care - Andrew Jameton Dilemmas of Moral Distress: Moral Responsibility and Nursing Practice - Andrew Jameton Moral Distress in Nursing Practice: Experience and Effect - Judith Wilkinson Nurse Moral Distress: A Proposed Theory and Research Agenda - Mary Corley Framing the Issues: Moral Distress in Health Care - Bernadette Pauly, Colleen Varcoe and Jan Storch Moral Distress: The State of the Science - Debra Hanna Moral Distress: A Comparative Analysis of Theoretical Understandings and Inter-related Concepts - Kim Lutzen and Beatrice Ewalds Kvist Moral Distress Reconsidered - Joan McCarthy and Rick Deady 'Moral Distress' - Time to Abandon A Flawed Nursing Construct? - Megan-Jane Johnstone and Alison Hutchinson Some Reflections on Authority and the Nurse - John Ladd Moral Problems and Moral Decision-Making in Nursing and Health Care Contexts - Megan-Jane Johnstone VOLUME THREE: POLITICS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS OF NURSING ETHICS Part One: Nursing versus Medical Ethics Nursing Ethics, Physician Ethics and Medical Ethics - Robert Veatch Nursing ethics and medical ethics - Raanan Gillon Integrity and Compromise in Nursing Ethics - Betty Winslow and Gerald Winslow The Task of Nursing Ethics - Kath Melia The Patient Who Refuses Nursing Care - Helen Aveyard Competent Patients' Refusal of Nursing Care - Denise Dudzinski and Sarah Shannon Part Two: Nurse-Patient Advocacy A Contrary View of the Nurse as Patient Advocate - Natalie Abrams From Loyalty to Advocacy: A New Metaphor for Nursing - Gerald Winslow The Changing Role of Nurses in Making Ethical Decisions - Catherine Murphy Advocacy in Nursing - A Review of the Literature - Maggie Mallik Relational Ethics and Advocacy in Nursing: Literature Review - Hannah MacDonald Part Three: Nurses' rights A theoretical examination of the rights of nurses - Mari Kangasniemi, Kirsi Viitalahde, and Sanna Porkka Duties of the patient: a tentative model based on metasynthesis - Mari Kangasniemi, Arja Halkoaho, Helena Lansimies-Antikainen and Anna-Maija Pietila Part Four: Cross-cultural perspectives Global Influence of American Nursing: some ethical issues - Anne Davis East meets west: some ethical considerations - Hiroko Minami Bridging Western Ethics and Japanese Local Ethics by Listening to Nurses' Concerns - Shigeko Izumi The Japanese Value of Harmony and Nursing Ethics - Emiko Konishi, Michiko Yahiro, Naoko Nakajima and Miki Ono An African Ethic for Nursing? - Sandy Haegert Nursing Ethics Into the Next Millennium: a context-sensitive approach for nursing ethics - Kim Lutzen Part Five: Social justice and humanitarian perspectives The Interface of Ethics and Politics in Nursing - Mila Aroskar Social Justice in Nursing: a Review of the Literature - Doris Boutain The Road Less Travelled: Nursing Advocacy at the Policy Level - Shannon Spenceley, Linda Reutter and Marion Allen Towards a Viable and Just Global Nursing Ethics - Nancy Crigger
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