Participatory Qualitative Research Methodologies in Health

Participatory Qualitative Research Methodologies in Health


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Chapter 1: What is Participatory Research? Why do it? - Gina Higginbottom and Pranee Liamputtong Chapter 2: Addressing Ethical Issues in PR: The Primacy of Relationship - Wendy Austin Chapter 3: Designing Participatory Research Projects - Helen Vallianatos, Emina Hadziabdic and Gina Higginbottom Chapter 4: Data Management, Analysis and Interpretation - Gina Higginbottom Chapter 5: Drawing Conclusions from Your Research - Gina Higginbottom and Sophie Yohani Chapter 6: Engaging Older People in Participatory Research - Pranee Liamputtong and Gina Higginbottom Chapter 7: Involving Children and Youth in Participatory Research - Diane Conrad, Bryan Hogeveen, Joanne Minaker, Mildred Masimira and Daena Crosby Chapter 8: Conceptualising Inclusive Research - A Participatory Research Approach with People with Intellectual Disability: Paradigm or Method? - Christine Bigby and Patsie Frawley Chapter 9: Diverse Ethno-cultural Groups and the Use of Participatory Research - Gina Higginbottom and Pranee Liamputtong Chapter 10: The Relationship Between Engaged Scholarship, Knowledge Translation, and Participatory Research - Sarah Bowen Chapter 11: Community-University Partnerships: A Case Study - Sherry Ann Chapman Chapter 12: Information and Communications Technologies and the Potentials for Participatory Research - Chris Atchison
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ethical issues;data management;qualitative data;research design;dissemination