Penal Systems

Penal Systems

A Comparative Approach


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Foreword - David Downes PART ONE: ABOUT COMPARATIVE PENOLOGY Introducing Comparative Penology PENAL SYSTEMS IN CRISIS? Globalized Penal Crisis? The United States of America Law and Order Ideology, Hyperincarceration and Looming Crisis England and Wales Stop-Go and the Upwards Zig-Zag Australia and New Zealand Neo-Liberal Punitiveness Down Under South Africa The Transition From Apartheid Germany Archetypal Corporatism The Netherlands A Beacon of Tolerance Dimmed France and Italy Corporatism and Catholicism Sweden and Finland Nordic Social Democracy Japan Iron Fist in a Velvet Penal Glove PART TWO: PATTERNS OF PENALITY Comparative Youth Justice Neo-Liberal Youth Justice Systems Youth Justice Systems: Corporatist Variants General Patterns in Youth Justice? Prison Privatization PART THREE: IN CONCLUSION 'A Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever?'
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