Psychological Resilience and Wellbeing

Psychological Resilience and Wellbeing

Gyllensten, Kristina; Palmer, Stephen

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VOLUME ONE: THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THEORIES: RESILIENCE AND WELLBEING Part One: Theory of Resilience The Psychology of Resilience: Defining, Categorising and Measuring Resilience - Luke Treglown and Adrian Furnham Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Protective Factors and Resistance to Psychiatric Disorder - Michael Rutter Psychological Resilience: A Review and Critique of Definitions, Concepts, and Theory - David Fletcher and Mustafa Sarkar Editorial: Resilience - Ivan Robertson and Cary Cooper Resilience: A Meta-Analytic Approach - Ji Hee Lee, Suk Kyung Nam, A-Reum Kim, Boram Kim, Min Young Lee and Sang Min Lee Resilience in Mental Health: Linking Psychological and Neurobiological Perspectives - Bart Rutten et al. Psychobiology and Molecular Genetics of Resilience - Adriana Feder, Eric Nestler and Dennis Charney Toward a Definition of Family Resilience: Integrating Life-Span Family Perspectives - Dale Hawley and Laura DeHaan Levels of Resilience: Associations among Individual, Community, and National Resilience - Shaul Kimhi Part Two: Wellbeing On Subjective Well-Being and Quality of Life - Laura Camfield and Suzanne Skevington Understanding and Researching Wellbeing: Its Usage in Different Disciplines and Potential for Health Research and Health Promotion - Anna Cronin de Chavez, Kathryn Backett-Milburn, Odette Parry and Stephen Platt Discourse on Wellbeing in Research and Practice - Vincent La Placa, Allan McNaught and Anneyce Knight Positive Psychological Wellbeing and Mortality: A Quantitative Review of Prospective Observational Studies - Yoichi Chida and Andrew Steptoe Effect of Potentially Modifiable Risk Factors Associated with Myocardinal Infarction in 52 Countries (The INTERHEART Study): Case-Control Study - Salim Yusuf et al. Stress-Induced Obesity and the Emotional Nervous System - Mary Dallman Conceptualizing, Measuring and Nurturing Hope - Charles Snyder Hope and Goal Attainment: Testing a Basic Prediction of Hope Theory - David Feldman, Kevin Rand and Kristin Kahle-Wrobleski A Meta-Analysis of Hope Enhancement Strategies in Clinical and Community Settings - Robert Weis and Elena Speridakos The Health Benefits of Urban Green Spaces: A Review of the Evidence - Andrew Lee and Ravi Maheswaran VOLUME TWO: THE MEASUREMENT OF RESILIENCE AND WELLBEING Part One: The Measurement of Resilience A Methodological Review of Resilience Measurement Scales - Gill Windle, Kate Bennett and Jane Noyes A Review of Instruments Measuring Resilience - Nancy Ahern, Ermalynn Kiehl, Mary Lou Sole and Jacqueline Byers Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Resilience Scale - Gail Wagnhild and Heather Young Development of a New Resilience Scale: The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale - Kathryn Connor and Jonathan Davidson Psychometric Analysis and Refinement of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale: Validation of a 10-Item Measure of Resilience - Laura Campbell-Sills and Murray Stein The Development and Validation of the Inventory of Family Protective Factors: A Brief Assessment for Family Counseling - Deborah Gardner, Charles Huber, Robert Steiner, Luis Vazquez and Todd Savage Part Two: The Measurement of Wellbeing Conceptual Domains Included in Wellbeing and Life Satisfaction Instruments: A Review - Sherma Charlemagne-Badal, Jerry Lee, Terry Butler and Gary Fraser Happiness, Culture, and Context - Gordon Mathews The Comprehensive Quality of Life Scale (ComQol): Instrument Development and Psychometric Evaluation on College Staff and Students - Robert Cummins, Marita McCabe, Yolanda Romeo and Eleonora Gullone The Will and the Ways: Development and Validation of an Individual-Differences Measure of Hope - Charles Snyder et al. A Psychometric Comparison of Four Measures of Hope and Optimism - Lyndall Steed The World Health Organization Quality of Life Assessment (WHOQOL): Development and General Psychometric Properties - The WHOQOL Group The World Health Organization Quality of Life Assessment (QOL): Position Paper from the World Health Organization. - The WHOQOL Group Valid and Reliable Assessment of Wellness among Adolescents: Do You Know What You're Measuring? - Jerome Rachele, Tracey Washington, Thomas Cuddihy, Faisal Barwais and Steven McPhail New Well-Being Measures: Short Scales to Assess Flourishing and Positive and Negative Feelings - Ed Diener, Derrick Wirtz, William Tov, Chu Kim-Prieto, Dong-won Choi, Shigehiro Oishi and Robert Biswas-Diener VOLUME THREE: THE ENHANCEMENT OF RESILIENCE AND WELLBEING Part One: Interventions to Enhance Resilience Executive Coaching Enhances Goal Attainment, Resilience and Workplace Well-Being: A Randomised Controlled Study - Anthony Grant, Linley Curtayne and Geraldine Burton Experimental Analysis of a Web-Based Training Intervention to Develop Positive Psychological Capital - Fred Luthans, James Avey and Jaime Patera Self-Compassion and Psychological Resilience among Adolescents and Young Adults - Kristin Neff and Pittman McGehee Building on Strengths and Resilience: Leisure as a Stress Survival Strategy - Yoshitaka Iwasaki, Jennifer MacTavish and Kelly MacKay Enhancing Resilience in the Workplace through the Practice of Caring Relationships - Sandra Wilson and Shann Ferch Part Two: Wellbeing - Interventions/Enhancement of Wellbeing Mindfulness Meditation and Curiosity: The Contributing Factors to Wellbeing and the Process of Closing the Self-Discrepancy Gap - Itai Ivtzan, Hannah Gardner and Zhanar Smailova Multimodal Coaching and Its Application to Workplace, Life and Health Coaching - Stephen Palmer Health Coaching: A Developing Field within Health Education - Stephen Palmer Multimodal Relaxation Method - Stephen Palmer Resilience Enhancing Imagery: A Cognitive Behavioural Technique Which Includes Resilience Undermining Thinking and Resilience Enhancing Thinking - Stephen Palmer The Judicious Use of Hypnosis in Coaching and Coaching Psychology Practice - Stephen Palmer OHP Interventions: Wellness Programs - Leigh Schmitt Organizational Wellness Programs: A Meta-Analysis - Kizzy Parks and Lisa Steelman Exploring Faculty Health and Wellbeing: Creating a Caring Scholarly Community - Sandra Mixer, Marilyn McFarland, Margaret Andrews and Cecily Strang Intervention Studies on Enhancing Work Well-Being, Reducing Burnout, and Improving Recovery Experiences among Hong Kong Health Care Workers and Teachers - Oi Ling Siu, Cary Cooper and David Phillips Are Techniques Used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Applicable to Behavior Change Interventions Based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour? - Imogen Hobbis and Stephen Sutton Coaching with Self-Determination in Mind: Using Theory to Advance Evidence-based Coaching Practice - Gordon Spence and Lindsay Oades Daily Recovery from Work-related Effort during Non-Work Time - Evangelia Demerouti, Arnold Bakker, Sabine Geurts and Toon Taris Work, Recovery Activities and Individual Well-Being: A Diary Study - Sabine Sonnentag Examining Group Walks in Nature and Multiple Aspects of Well-Being: A Large-Scale Study - Melissa Marselle, Katherine Irvine and Sara Warber The Coaching Ripple Effect: The Effects of Developmental Coaching on Wellbeing across Organisational Networks - Sean O'Connor and Michael Cavanagh
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psychology; resilience; wellbeing; Palmer; Gyllensten