Qualitative Research in Business and Management

Qualitative Research in Business and Management

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PART ONE: INTRODUCTION How to Use This Book Overview of Qualitative Research PART TWO: FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF RESEARCH Chapter 1: Research Design Chapter 2: Philosophical Perspectives Chapter 3: Ethics PART THREE: QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS Chapter 4: Action Research Chapter 5: Case Study Research Chapter 6: Ethnographic Research Chapter 7: Grounded Theory PART FOUR: DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES Chapter 8: Interviews Chapter 9: Participant Observation and Fieldwork Chapter 10: Using Documents PART FIVE: ANALYSING QUALITATIVE DATA Chapter 11: Analysing Qualitative Data: An Overviewing Chapter 12: Hermeneutics Chapter 13: Semiotics Chapter 14: Narrative Analysis PART SIX: WRITING UP AND PUBLISHING Chapter 15: Writing up Chapter 16: Getting Published PART SEVEN: CONCLUSION Chapter 17: Qualitative Research in Perspective
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