Reflexive Methodology

Reflexive Methodology

New Vistas for Qualitative Research


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Chapter 1. Introduction: The Intellectualization of Method Chapter 2. (Post-)Positivism, Social Constructionism, Neorealism: Three Reference Points in the Philosophy of Science Chapter 3. Data-Oriented Methods: Empiricist Techniques and Procedures Chapter 4. Hermeneutics: Interpretation and Insight Chapter 5. Critical Theory: The Political and Ideological Dimension Chapter 6. Poststructuralism And Postmodernism: Destabilizing Subject and Text Chapter 7. Language/Gender/Power: Discourse Analysis, Feminism and Genealogy Chapter 8. On Reflexive Interpretation: The Play of Interpretive Levels Chapter 9. Applications of Reflexive Methodology: Illustrations Chapter 10. Applications of Reflexive Methodology: Criteria and Strategies
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