Research Methods for Nurses and Midwives

Research Methods for Nurses and Midwives

Theory and Practice

Land, Lucy; Harvey, Merryl

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PART ONE: LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS Chapter 1: Introduction to Research in Nursing and Midwifery Chapter 2: Evidence-based Practice Chapter 3: The Development of Nursing and Midwifery Knowledge Chapter 4: Quantitative Methodologies: An Overview Chapter 5: Qualitative Methodologies: An Overview Chapter 6: Mixed Methodologies: An Overview PART TWO: UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH METHODS AND DESIGNS: THE THEORY Chapter 7: Randomised Controlled Trials Chapter 8: Qualitative Methods Chapter 9: Surveys, Action Research and Historical Research Chapter 10: Systematic Reviews Chapter 11: Research Design PART THREE: UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH METHODS AND DESIGNS: THE PRACTICE Chapter 12: The Research Process Chapter 13: Literature Review: Identifying and Sourcing the Literature Chapter 14: Literature Review: Reviewing the Narrative Data Chapter 15: Sampling Chapter 16: Quantitative Methods of Data Collection Chapter 17: Qualitative Methods of Data Collection Chapter 18: Research Governance in Clinical Research: Addressing Ethical Issues PART FOUR: DATA ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION Chapter 19: Quantitative Data Anaysis: Measures of Clinical Effectiveness Chapter 20: Managing and Analysing Qualitative Data Chapter 21: Rigour Chapter 22: Evaluating Research PART FIVE: RESEARCH IN ACTION: DISSEMINATION AND APPLICATION Chapter 23: Writing Up and Disseminating Your Research Chapter 24: Using Research in Clinical Practice Chapter 25: Writing a Professional Research Proposal Chapter 26: Where Do I Go from Here?
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