SAGE Handbook of Outdoor Play and Learning (The)

SAGE Handbook of Outdoor Play and Learning (The)

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- Introduction - Tim Waller, Eva AErlemalm-Hagser, Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter, Libby Lee-Hammond, Kristi Lekies and Shirley Wyver PART ONE: THEORETICAL FRAMEWORKS & CONCEPTUAL APPROACHES - SECTION EDITOR - SHIRLEY WYVER Chapter 1: Theoretical Framework of Developmental Theories of Play - Olivia Saracho Chapter 2: Affordance Theory in Outdoor Play - Jane Waters Chapter 3: Technology and Outdoor Play: Concerns and Opportunities - Doris Bergen Chapter 4: Outdoor Play in Recess Time - Robyn M Holmes & Kristen E Kohm Chapter 5: Outdoor Play and Cognitive Development - Shirley Wyver Chapter 6: Forest School for the Early Years in England - Sara Knight PART TWO: CRITICAL REFLECTIONS ON POLICY & REGULATION - SECTION EDITOR - ELLEN HANSEN SANDSETER Chapter 7: Risk and Safety in Outdoor Play - Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter, Helen Little, David Ball, David Eager and Mariana Brussoni Chapter 8: The Evolution of Policy on Risk Management in Outdoor Play - Tim Gill Chapter 9: Outdoor Play Spaces In Canada: As If Children Mattered - Susan Herrington, Sara Brunelle, Mariana Brussoni Chapter 10: The Rise of Outdoor Play and Education Issues in Preschools in South Korea - Kwi-Ok Nah Chapter 11: Outdoor Play in Latin American Early Childhood and Elementary Schools: A Review of the Literature - Pelusa Orellana & Maria Francisca Valenzuela Chapter 12: How to Revitalize American Playgrounds - Susan Solomon PART THREE: CHILDREN'S ENGAGEMENT WITH NATURE, SUSTAINABILITY & CHILDREN'S GEOGRAPHIES - SECTION EDITOR - EVA ARLEMALM-HAGSER Chapter 13: Early Childhood Education for Sustainability. The Relationship Between Young Children's Participation and Agency - Children and Nature - Eva AErlemalm-Hagser & Anette Sandberg Chapter 14: Considering Children's Opportunities for Exploration of Their Local Environment and Engagement with Nature - Sarah MacQuarrie, Clare Nugent Chapter 15: Nature Preschools in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Norway: Characteristics and Differences - Olav Lysklett Chapter 16: Places for Symbolic Play in Nature Environments - Eva AEnggard Chapter 17: Assessing Free Play Behavior in Urban Play Spaces - Antje Luchs Chapter 18: Nature Pedagogy - An Exploration of the Storied Narratives Which Illustrate Its Application Across Spaces Inside, Outside And Beyond - Claire Warden Chapter 19: An Australian Perspective: Seeking Sustainability in Early Childhood Outdoor Playspaces - Sue Elliott PART FOUR: DIVERSE CONTEXTS & INCLUSION IN CHILDREN'S OUTDOOR PLAY ENVIRONMENTS - SECTION EDITOR - LIBBY LEE-HAMMOND Chapter 20: Belonging in Nature: Spirituality, Indigenous Cultures and Biophilia - Libby Lee-Hammond Chapter 21: Along Paths of Movement: Sami Children and Early Childhood Student Teachers as Wayfarers - Ylva Jannok Nutti Chapter 22: Gender Issues in Outdoor Play - Feyza Tantekin Erden, Zisan Guner Alpaslan Chapter 23: Outdoor play and Learning in the Landscape of Children's Rights - Theresa Casey Chapter 24: Multilingual Development and Outdoor Play - Georgianna Duarte, Greta Freeman Chapter 25: Thinking with Land/Working with Elders: Accessing Indigenous Knowledges in Early Childhood Education Through Outdoor Experiences - Mary Caroline Rowan Chapter 26: "Men and Women in Outdoor Play - The Gender Perspective" - Bernhard Koch, Kari Emilsen PART FIVE: METHODOLOGIES FOR RESEARCHING OUTDOOR PLAY & LEARNING - SECTION EDITOR - TIM WALLER Chapter 27: Participatory Research with Very Young Children - Angeliki Bitou, Tim Waller Chapter 28: Developing the Pedagogic Method Narrative Journey - Philip Waters Chapter 29: Take Two: Using Video as an Analysis Tool for Outdoor Play - Natalie Canning Chapter 30: The Importance of Randomised Control Trials as an Evidence Base - Shirley Wyver Chapter 31: Indigenous Methodologies in Education Research: Case Study of Children's Play in Solomon Islands - Libby Lee-Hammond, Yeshe Colliver Chapter 32: "Naturalizar Educativamente": The Chilean Quest for Introducing Outdoor Learning and Play in Early Childhood Education - Josefina Prieto Chapter 33: Indigenising Outdoor Play in New Zealand - Dr Amanda Bateman, Professor Margie Hohepa, Tim Bennet PART SIX: LINKS BETWEEN RESEARCH & PRACTICE - SECTION EDITOR - KRISTI LEKIES Chapter 34: Investigating Children's Collecting Behavior Outdoors - Kristi Lekies, Thomas Beery, Jed Brensinger Chapter 35: Enhancing the Outdoor Learning Spaces for Pre-Primary Classes in Western Ethiopia - Dr Valerie Huggins Chapter 36: Outdoor Play and Learning in Preschools in South Africa - Judy Van Heerden, Marie Botha Chapter 37: Early Childhood Teachers' (Pre- and Compulsory School Teachers) Use of the Outdoor Environment in Children's Learning About Living Beings - Kristin Norddahl, Johanna Einarsdottir and Gunnhildur Oskarsdottir Chapter 38: Storied Landscapes: Children's Experiences and The 'Sense' of Place - Kari Jorgensen Chapter 39: The Magic of Outdoor Play: A Phenomenological Hermeneutic Approach - Merete Lund Fasting Chapter 40: What Children Are Learning During Outdoor Play Activities? Examining the Free Play Activities - Sachiko Kitano
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