Special Needs in the Early Years

Special Needs in the Early Years

Partnership and Participation

Crutchley, Rebecca

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Introduction - Rebecca Crutchley Chapter 1: Legislation and Policy: Towards a Participatory Partnership - Rebecca Crutchley Chapter 2: Working with Parents: Principles of Engagement - Louise Arnold Chapter 3: Pupil and Parent Voice: Contributions to Assessment and Planning - Rebecca Crutchley Chapter 4: Models of SEN Provision: The Inclusion Debate - Ruth Hunt Chapter 5: Leadership and Inclusion: Creating an Ethos, Culture and Provision - Athina Tempriou Chapter 6: Professional Ethics: Partnership and Collaboration in the Early Years - Beate Hellawell Chapter 7: Early Intervention and Transition - Rebecca Crutchley and Ruth Hunt Chapter 8: CPD Opportunities for Staff Working with Children with SEND in the Early Years - Ruth Hunt and Anna Newbold Chapter 9: Multi-agency Working: Partnership and Collaboration - Estelle Martin
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SEND;early years;SEN resources;special needs book;working with parents;Dyslexia;SENCO