Strategic Leadership and Educational Improvement

Strategic Leadership and Educational Improvement

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Strategic Leadership Challenges - Margaret Preedy, Ron Glatter and Christine Wise PART ONE: EXTERNAL INFLUENCES Future Schools and Leaders' Values - Kenneth Leithwood, Doris Jantzi and Rosanne Steinback Conceptualizing Educational Reform - Benjamin Levin Governance, Autonomy and Accountability in Education - Ron Glatter Uses and Abuses of Quality - Mike Bottery The Need for a Civic Version PART TWO: SOCIETAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES Developing Comparative and International Educational Leadership and Management - Clive Dimmock and Allan Walker A Cross-Cultural Model School Culture and Improvement - Louise Stoll Helping Practitioners Explore Their School's Culture - David Hargreaves PART THREE: STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP AND MANAGING CHANGE Strategy, External Relations and Marketing - Nick Foskett Understanding Strategy Development - Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes Strategic Analysis - Brent Davies and Linda Ellison Obtaining the Data and Building a Strategic View Planning, Doing and Coping with Change - Michael Fullan Fair Furlong Primary School - Agnes McMahon Five Years On PART FOUR: EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENT Reform, Accountability and Strategic Choice in Education - Tim Simkins Schools Effectiveness and Improvement - Peter Mortimore and John MacBeath The Story So Far School Effectiveness and School Improvement - Janet Ouston Critique of a Movement Effectiveness and Improvement - Paul Martinez School and College Research Compared Self-Evaluation in European Schools - John MacBeath with Michael Schratz, Denis Meuret and Lars Jakobsen Case Examples
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