Academic Skills Handbook

Academic Skills Handbook

Your Guide to Success in Writing, Thinking and Communicating at University


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Introduction PART 1 WRITING SKILLS Chapter 1 Getting Started on Your Essay Chapter 2 Getting Started on Your Lab Report Chapter 3 Writing Exams, Reflective Essays, Dissertations and Posters Chapter 4 Writing with Clarity Chapter 5 Writing with Accuracy Chapter 6 Being Concise Chapter 7 Writing in Academic Style Chapter 8 Referencing with Accuracy PART 2 READING AND CRITICAL ANALYSIS SKILLS Chapter 9 Reading Skills Chapter 10 Critical Thinking and Analysis PART 3 PRESENTATIONS, SPEAKING AND LISTENING SKILLS Chapter 11 Giving Effective Presentations Chapter 12 Communicating in Seminars Chapter 13 Working in Groups Chapter 14 Getting the Most out of Your Lectures
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