Changing Status of Women in West Bengal, 1970-2000

Changing Status of Women in West Bengal, 1970-2000

The Challenge Ahead

Bagchi, Jasodhara

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Changing Status of Women in India, 1970-2000 covers the state of West Bengal and highlights the nature of the challenges ahead in dealing with issues relating to neglected and deprived women. It also looks back at the successes of the past that can help in confronting these challenges.
Foreword - Vina Mazumdar Introduction A. SECTORAL ESSAYS: Demography - Nirmala Banerjee and Mukul Mukherjee Health and Nutrition - Maitreya Ghatak Education - Jasodhara Bagchi and Jaba Guha Economic Empowerment - Ishita Mukhopadhyay Political Participation - Vidya Munshi Culture - Malini Bhattacharya Law and Violence against Women - Manjari Gupta and Ratnabali Chattopadhyay Tribal Women - Anuradha Chanda B. APPENDICES: MICRO STUDIES AND STATISTICS: Appendix A: Tables on Demography Appendix B: Tables on Health and Nutrition Appendix C: Education: C1: Micro Study on Participation of SC/ST Girls in Professional (Teachers' Training) Education - Kamal Kumar Chattopadhyay and Dipali Nag C2: Education of Muslim Women in West Bengal - Ratnabali Chattopadhyay Appendix D: Status of Women with Respect to Work: Report of Primary Surveys in Bankura and Hoogli - Ishita Mukhopadhyay Appendix E: Political Participation: E1: List of Women Lok Sabha MPs from West Bengal (1952-2000) E2: List of Women Rajya Sabha MPs from West Bengal E3: List of Women MLAs in West Bengal (1952-2000) Appendix F: A Micro Survey of the Status of Women Rural Artists of West Bengal - Malini Bhattacharya Appendix G: A Report on Findings from a Study of Women's Status in Birbhum District of West Bengal - Atis Dasgupta and Suraj Bandyopadhyay Policy Recommendations Select Bibliography Index
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