City: Modernity

City: Modernity

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VOLUME ONE: THE MODERN CITY: EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENT Part One: Historical Development of Cities and Urbanisation The Urban Revolution - V.G. Childe The Origin and Growth of Urbanization in the World - K. Davis Urbanization and the Economy in Preindustrial Societies: The Findings of Two Decades of Research - P. Bairoch The Talk of the Town: Human Capital, Information, and the Growth of English Cities, 1861 to 1961 - C.J. Simon and C. Nardinelli Part Two: Spatial Science and the Economic Dynamics of Urbanisation City Hierarchies and the Distribution of City Size - M.J. Beckmann Megalopolis: Or the Urbanization of the North Eastern Seaboard - J. Gottman Urbanization and Counterurbanization in the United States - B. Berry Industrialization, Initial Advantage, and American Metropolitan Growth - A. Pred The Valuable Inefficiencies and Impracticalities of Cities - J. Jacobs Part Three: New Economic Accounts of Contemporary Urbanisation On the Number and Location of Cities - P. Krugman Diversity and Specialisation in Cities: Why, Where and When Does It Matter? - G. Duranton and D. Puga Consumer City - E.L. Glaeser, J. Kolko and A. Saiz Knowledge Networks as Channels and Conduits: The Effects of Spillovers in the Boston Biotechnology Community - J. Owen-Smith and W.W. Powell Buzz: Face-to-Face Contact and the Urban Economy - M. Storper and A.J. Venables VOLUME TWO: PLANNING, GOVERNING AND DESIGNING THE MODERN CITY Part One: Planning the Modern City: Infrastructure, Populations and Biopolitics Constructing a City: The Cerda Plan for the Extension of Barcelona - E. Aibar and W.E. Bijker Technology and the City - J.W. Konvitz, M.H. Rose and J.A. Tarr City Building - S. Collier Maps, Blood and the City - P. Joyce The 'Swinish Multitude': Controversies over Hogs in Antebellum New York City - C. McNeur Part Two: Critiquing Modern Planning The High-Modernist City: An Experiment and a Critique - J.C. Scott Power, Nature, and the City. The Conquest of Water and the Political Ecology of Urbanization in Guayaquil, Ecuador: 1880-1990 - E. Swyngedouw The Bacteriological City and Its Discontents - M. Gandy Part Three: Planning, Architecture and Order American Suburbs/English Suburbs: A Transatlantic Comparison - R. Fishman Seeing Like a City: The Dialectic of Modern and Premodern Ways of Seeing in Urban Governance - M. Valverde A Geography of Big Things - J.M. Jacobs Part Four: New Directions in Urban Planning and Governance Bringing Power to Planning Research One Researcher's Praxis Story - B. Flyvbjerg Close Encounters with Buildings - J. Gehl, L.J. Kaefer and S. Reigstad New Directions in Planning Theory - S.S. Fainstein VOLUME THREE: CONSUMPTION, POLITICS AND POPULAR CULTURE IN THE MODERN CITY Part One: The Emergence of Popular Urban Culture Take It to the Streets - M. Berman Popular Culture in Seventeenth-Century London - P. Burke The Flaneur, the Sandwichman and the Whore: The Politics of Loitering - S. Buck-Morss Modernity, Urbanism, and Modern Consumption - P.D. Glennie and N.J. Thrift Part Two: The Birth of Mass Communication and the Urban Crowd Cult of Distraction: On Berlin's Picture Palaces - S. Kracauer and T.Y. Levin Museums and Mass Spectacle: The Musee Grevin as a Monument to Modern Life - V.R. Schwartz Nightlife - W. Schivelbusch Part Three: Urban Leisure, Fashion, and Consumption Middle-Class Parks and Working-Class Play: The Struggle over Recreational Space in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1870-1910 - R. Rosenzweig 'The Women of New York': A Fashionable Moral Geography - M. Domosh 'The Halls of Temptation': Gender, Politics, and the Construction of the Department Store in Late-Victorian London - E. Rappaport Part Four: Department Store, Shopping Malls and New Consumption Spaces Is There an Urban History of Consumption? - L. Cohen Cityscapes: Consumption, Masculinities and the Mapping of London since 1950 - F. Mort Once-upon-a-Time in the Commodity World: An Unofficial Guide to Mall of America - J. Goss Shopping Malls, Consumer Culture and the Reshaping of Public Space in Egypt - M. Abaza VOLUME FOUR: MODERNITY, REPRESENTATION AND THE CITY Part One: The Street, Crowd, and the Urban Gaze Agoraphobia: Spatial Estrangement in Georg Simmel and Siegfried Kracauer - A. Vidler Mapping the Self: Gender, Space, and Modernity in Mid-Victorian London - L. Nead The World as Exhibition - T. Mitchell Part Two: Literature and the Urban Imagination The Invisible Flaneuse: Women and the Literature of Modernity - J. Wolff Vagabond in the Fugitive City: Hans Ostwald, Imperial Berlin and the Grossstadt-Dokumente - P. Fritzsche Writing the Asphalt Jungle: Berlin and the Performance of Classical Modernity 1900-33 - A. Vasudevan Part Three: Cinema, Movement, Technology Picturing American Modernity - K. Whissel Aviation and the Aerial View: Le Corbusier's Spatial Transformations in the 1930s and 1940s - M.C. Boyer Urban Mobility and Cinematic Visuality: The Screens of Los Angeles-Endless Cinema or Private Telematics - A. Friedberg Part Four: Maps, Memory, Imaginaries Imagining the Modern City - J. Donald The Power of Place: "Claiming Urban Landscapes as People's History" - D. Hayden Part Five: Utopias A Lineal City in the Pampas: Politics, Materialization and Revolution in Wladimiro Acosta's Vision for Buenos Aires - L. Minuhin Reconstituting the Possible: Lefebvre, Utopia and the Urban Question - D. Pinder
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