City: Post-Modernity

City: Post-Modernity

Latham, Dr. Alan

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VOLUME ONE: GLOBALIZATION AND THE CONTEMPORARY CITY Part One: Cities and the New Global Economy "Chinatown", Part Two? The 'Internationalization' of Downtown Los Angeles - M. Davis Los Angeles as Postmodern Urbanism - M. Dear and S. Flusty European Cities, the Informational Society, and the Global Economy - M. Castells The City as an Entertainment Machine - R. Lloyd and T.N. Clark A Flexible City of Strangers - R. Sennett Part Two: Theorising Global and World Cities Leading World Cities: Empirical Evaluations of Urban Nodes in Multiple Networks - P.J. Taylor Locating Cities on Global Circuits - S. Sassen The Ordinary City - A. Amin and S. Graham Theses on Urbanization - N. Brenner Mexico: Cultural Globalization in a Disintegrating City - N.G. Canclini Super-Diverse Street: A 'Trans-Ethnography' across Migrant Localities - S.M. Hall Part Three: Neoliberalism, Globalisation, and Policy Mobility Neoliberalism as Creative Destruction - D. Harvey New Globalism, New Urbanism: Gentrification as Global Urban Strategy - N. Smith Neoliberal Urbanism: Models, Moments, Mutations - J. Peck, N. Theodore and N. Brenner Expertise, Truth, and Urban Policy Mobilities: Global Circuits of Knowledge in the Development of Vancouver, Canada's 'Four Pillar' Drug Strategy - E.J. McCann VOLUME TWO: LIFESTYLE, CONSUMPTION AND THE UNEQUAL CITY Part One: Urban Lifestyles, Gentrification and New Urban Spaces Flexible Accumulation through Urbanization: Reflections on 'Post Modernism' in the American City - D. Harvey Artists, Aestheticisation and the Field of Gentrification - D. Ley Consuming Authenticity: From Outposts of Difference to Means of Exclusion - S. Zukin Part Two: Cultural Economies Bohemia and Economic Geography - R. Florida Creative Cities: Conceptual Issues and Policy Questions - A.J. Scott Urban Development and the Politics of a Creative Class: Evidence from a Study of Artists - A. Markusen Part Three: Urban Spectacle Landscape as Spectacle: World's Fairs and the Culture of Heroic Consumption - D. Ley and K. Olds Appropriating the Spectacle: Play and Politics in a Leisure Landscape - Q. Stevens and K. Dovey Part Four: Urbanity, Sociality and Consumption Urbanity, Lifestyle and Making Sense of the New Urban Cultural Economy: Notes from Auckland, New Zealand - A. Latham Transposing the Urban to the Mall: Routes, Relationships, and Resistance in Two Santiago, Chile, Shopping Centers - J. Stillerman and R. Salcedo The Magic of the Marketplace: Sociality in a Neglected Public Space - S. Watson Part Five: New Geographies of Urban Exclusion Fortified Enclaves: The New Urban Segregation - T.P. Caldeira Neighbourhood Effects and Cultural Exclusion - H. Bauder Territorial Stigmatization in the Age of Advanced Marginality - L. Wacquant The Cosmopolitan Canopy - E. Anderson VOLUME THREE: MULTIPLE MODERNITIES AND THE POSTCOLONIAL CITY Part One: Re-Thinking Urban Comparison The Legitimacy of Comparisons in Comparative Urban Studies: A Theoretical Position and an Application to North African Cities - J. Abu-Lughod The Times and Spaces of Modernity (or Who Needs Postmodernism?) - A.D. King Thinking Cities through Elsewhere: Comparative Tactics for a More Global Urban Studies - J. Robinson Hybrid Gentrification in South Africa: Theorising across Southern and Northern Cities - C. Lemanski Part Two: Citizenship and Innovations in Living Together Insurgent Citizenship in an Era of Global Urban Peripheries - J. Holston The Porto Alegre Experiment and Deliberative Democratic Theory - G. Baiocchi Living Dangerously: Biopolitics and Urban Citizenship in Bogota, Colombia - A. Zeiderman Deep Democracy: Urban Governmentality and the Horizon of Politics - A. Appadurai Part Three: Planning and Governance Why India Cannot Plan Its Cities: Informality, Insurgence and the Idiom of Urbanization - A. Roy China's Changing Urban Governance in the Transition towards a More Market-Oriented Economy - F. Wu Part Four: Postcolonial Urban Materialities People as Infrastructure: Intersecting Fragments in Johannesburg - A. Simone The City as Assemblage: Dwelling and Urban Space - C. McFarlane Postcolonialising Informality? - A. Varley The Metonymic Urbanism of Twenty-First-Century Mumbai - A. Harris Haussmannization in the Tropics: Abject Urbanism and Infrastructural Violence in Nicaragua - D. Rodgers VOLUME FOUR: COMPLEXITY AND MATERIALITY Part One: Theorising Materiality Cyborg Urbanization: Complexity and Monstrosity in the Contemporary City - M. Gandy Moving Cities: Rethinking the Materialities of Urban Geographies - A. Latham and D. McCormack The Good City - A. Amin Out of Order Understanding Repair and Maintenance - S. Graham and N. Thrift Part Two: Mobility, Bodies, Affect Encountering Stressed Bodies: Slow Creep Transformations and Tipping Points of Commuting Mobilities - D. Bissell Things at Work: Informal Social-Material Mechanisms for Getting the Job Done - H. Molotch and N. Mcclain 'But Malice Aforethought': Cities and the Natural History of Hatred - N. Thrift Part Three: Digital and Smart Cities The Real-Time City? Big Data and Smart Urbanism - R. Kitchin Extract from Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City - W.J. Mitchell Part Four: Co-Producing Knowledge about Urban Environments Community Knowledge in Environmental Health Science: Co-Producing Policy Expertise - J. Corburn Living Roofs and Brownfield Wildlife: Towards a Fluid Biogeography of UK Nature Conservation - J. Lorimer Part Five: Cities and the Anthropocene Global Forecasts of Urban Expansion to 2030 and Direct Impacts on Biodiversity and Carbon Pools - K.C. Seto, B. Guneralp and L.R. Hutyra Cities and the Multilevel Governance of Global Climate Change - M.M. Betsill and H. Bulkeley Part Six: New Models of Cities and Complexity The Size, Scale, and Shape of Cities - M. Batty Growth, Innovation, Scaling, and the Pace of Life in Cities - L.M. Bettencourt, J. Lobo, D. Helbing, C. Kuhnert and G.B. West Extract from A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity - M. DeLanda
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