Complete Handbook of Coaching

Complete Handbook of Coaching

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Introduction - Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox and David Clutterbuck Section One - Theoretical Perspectives 1. The Psychodynamic approach to coaching - Graham Lee 2. Cognitive-behavioural coaching - Helen Williams, Stephen Palmer and Nick Edgerton 3. The Solution-focused approach to coaching - Anthony M. Grant and Michael J. Cavanagh 4. The Person-centred approach to coaching - Stephen Joseph 5. The Gestalt approach to coaching - Peter Bluckert 6. Existential coaching - Ernesto Spinelli 7. Ontological coaching - Alan Sieler 8. Narrative coaching - David Drake 9. Psychological Development in adulthood & coaching - Tatiana Bachkirova 10. The transpersonal approach to coaching - John Rowan 11. The positive psychology approach to coaching - Ilona Boniwell and Carol Kauffman 12. Transactional Analysis and coaching - Rosemary Napper and Trudi Newton 13. The NLP approach to coaching - Bruce Grimley Section Two - Contexts and Genres 14. Skills and Performance Coaching - Bob Tschannen-Moran 15. Developmental Coaching - Peter Jackson and Elaine Cox 16. Transformational Coaching - Nick Smith and Peter Hawkins 17. Executive and Leadership Coaching - Jon Stokes and Richard Jolly 18. The Manager as Coach - Andrea D. Ellinger, Rona S. Beattie and Robert G. Hamlin 19. Team Coaching - David Clutterbuck 20. Internal Coaching - Katharine St John Brooks 21. Peer Coaching - Richard K Ladyshewsky 22. Life Coaching - Anthony M. Grant and Michael J. Cavanagh 23. Health and Wellness Coaching - Margaret Moore and Erica Jackson 24. Career Coaching - Bruce Hazen and Nicole A. Steckler 25. Cross Cultural Coaching: a Paradoxical Perspective - Geoffrey Abbott 26. Mentoring in a Coaching World - Bob Garvey Section Three - Professional Practice Issues 27. The Future of Coaching as a Profession - David Lane, Reinhard Stelter and Sunny Stout Rostron 28. Coaching Supervision - Peter Hawkins 29. Coaching and Mental Health - Michael J. Cavanagh and Andrew Buckley 30.Coach education, training and development - Judie Gannon and Adrian Myers 31. Evidence, measurement and evaluation in coaching - Almuth McDowall and Yi-ling Lai 32. Ethics in Coaching - Diane Brennan and Leni Wildflower 33. Researching Coaching - Annette Fillery-Travis and Elaine Cox Conclusion - Tatiana Bachkirova, Elaine Cox and David Clutterbuck
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