EAL Teaching book

EAL Teaching book

Promoting success for multilingual learners

Conteh, Jean

SAGE Publications Ltd







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As the number of children for whom English is an Additional Language in schools increases, how do teachers and trainees prepare to support them to succeed? This is a guide to understanding, learning from and teaching bilingual and EAL children in schools.
Part 1 - Understanding multilingual and EAL learners Chapter 1 : Introducing multilingual and EAL learners Chapter 2 : All about language and learning Chapter 3 : What does it mean to be multilingual? Part 2 - Promoting Learning - Practical approaches for multilingual and EAL learners Chapter 4 :Planning across the curriculum for multilingual and EAL learners Chapter 5: Strategies and resources for learning across the curriculum Chapter 6: Assessing multilingual and EAL learners across the curriculum Chapter 7: Promoting independence : using home languages and cultures in learning Chapter 8: Conclusions- synthesis learning and moving on
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