Essentials of Nursing and Healthcare Research

Essentials of Nursing and Healthcare Research

Taylor, Ruth

SAGE Publications Ltd






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PART ONE: LET'S GET STARTED Introduction: The Book Roadmap Evidence-based Practice and Research The Importance of Research for Practice PART TWO: LET'S MAKE THIS WORK: SKILLS FOR RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE Core Skills for Research and Evidence-based Practice Policy in Research and Evidence-based Practice Practical Approaches for Understanding Research and Evidence-based Practice PART THREE: LET'S GET PHILOSOPHICAL The Philosophical Background to Nursing Research Qualitative and Quantitative Research Approaches Alternative and Complementary Research Approaches PART FOUR: LET'S DO RESEARCH The Research Process Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Ethics in Healthcare Research Preparation for Your Dissertation PART FIVE: LET'S IMPLEMENT RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE IN PRACTICE Using Research and Evidence in Practice PART SIX: ACHIEVING YOUR POTENTIAL Achieving Your Potential
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nursing;health;research;evidence based practice