SAGE Handbook of Asian Foreign Policy

SAGE Handbook of Asian Foreign Policy

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Volume 01 Introduction - Takashi Inoguchi Part 1: Theories Chapter 1: The Duel Encounter: Parallels in the Rise of China (1978-) and Japan (1868-1945) - Barry Buzan Chapter 2: Non-Western Constructive - Yong-Soo Eun Chapter 3: Non-Western Realist - Zheng Yongnian & Liu Boijian Chapter 4: Foreseeing Perspective (Voir pour Prevoir) - Takashi Inoguchi Chapter 5: A Rational Choice Analysis on Japan's Trade Policymaking - Kaoru Ishiguro Chapter 6: Asia's Contribution to IRT - Takeshi Uemura Chapter 7: Beyond West and East: IR intellectual traditions? - Kosuke Shimizu Part 2: Themes Chapter 8: East Asian Migrations: An Overview - Tony Fielding Chapter 9: Migration in Northeast Asia: Human Development, Human Security, and Foreign Policy Consequences - Tsuneo Akaha Chapter 10: From Global Issues to National Interests: The Role of Non-State Actors in Redefining Japanese Diplomacy - Jennifer Chan Chapter 11: Civil Conflict and Third-part Intervention in the Asia-Pacific - Yuichi Kubota Chapter 12: Asian Cybersecurity - Motohiro Tsuchiya Part 3: Transnational Politics Chapter 13: Citizens and Regimes - Takashi Inoguchi & Lien Le Chapter 14: Global and Regional Organisations - Edward Newman & Ryan Hartley Chapter 15: Asia and International Peace Support: Limits of Institutionalization - Chiyuki Aoi & Yee-Kuang Heng Chapter 16: Asian Subnational Governments in Foreign Affairs - Purnendra Jain Chapter 17: Territorial Disputes in Asia: Colonialism, Cold War and Domestic Politics - Alexander Bukh Chapter 18: The Conflict in Afghanistan: Interlocking Strategic Challenges as a Barrier to Regional Solution - Ankit Panda & Srinjoy Bose Part 4: Domestic Politics Chapter 19: The Influence of Public Opinion on Foreign Policy in Asia: The Case of Japan - Paul Midford Chapter 20: Diplomats, Military and Intelligence Officers: From stovepipes to integration in Japan's security policy - Ken Kotani Chapter 21: Domestic and Foreign Policy Making in China - Kerry Brown Chapter 22: An Evidence-Based Typology of Asian Societies: What Do Asian Societies Look Like from the Bottom Up instead of Top Down? - Takashi Inoguchi Part 5: Transnational Economics Chapter 23: Geo-economic Contest in Southeast Asia: Great Power Politics through the Prism of Trade, Investment and Aid - Titli Basu Chapter 24: Foreign Aid and Asian Donors - Brittany L. Morreale & Purnendra Jain Chapter 25: BRICS: Towards Institutionalization - Oliver Stuenkel Chapter 26: Asia and the United Nations - Sebastian von Einsiedel, David M. Malone, & Anthony Yazaki Volume 02 Part 6: Foreign Policies of Asian States Part 6a: East Asia Chapter 27: Chinese Foreign Policy Under Xi Jinping - Kerry Brown Chapter 28: Overviews of Japanese Foreign Policy through Three Lenses: Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism - Tomohito Shinoda Chapter 29: South Korea's Foreign Policy in the 21st Century - Jong-Yun Bae Chapter 30: The History of North Korean Diplomacy: A Non-isolated Country with Expanding Relations - Satoru Miyamoto Chapter 31: Taiwan's Foreign Policy: Evolution, Challenges and Opportunities - Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Alan Hao Yang, & Liang-Chi Russell Hsiao Part 6b: Southeast Asia Chapter 32: Thailand's Foreign Policy in the post-Cold War Era: From Potentials to Disarrays - Pongphisoot Busbarat Chapter 33: Vietnam's Foreign Policy - Carlyle Thayer Chapter 34: Philippine Foreign Policy: Back to Square One? - Carolina Hernandez Chapter 35: Singapore as a Small State: Surmounting Vulnerability - Lam Peng Er Chapter 36: Myanmar Foreign Policy: Principles and Practices - Maung Aung Myoe Part 6c: South & Central Asia Chapter 37: Indian Foreign Policy: The Quest for Greatness - Sreeram Chaulia Chapter 38: Sri Lankan Foreign Policy - Peshan R. Gunaratne Chapter 39: Bangladesh Foreign Policy: Last 45 Years - Imtiaz Ahmed Chapter 40: A Quarter Millennium of Nepal's Foreign Policy: Continuity and Changes - Uddhab Pyakurel Chapter 41: Afghanistan's Foreign Policy - Kaushik Roy Chapter 42: Developmental State and Foreign Policy in Post-Karimov Uzbekistan - Timur Dadabaev Part 7: Offshore Actors Chapter 43: Iran's Foreign Policy - Mehdi Mozaffari Chapter 44: Turkish Foreign Policy - Ayse Zarakol Chapter 45: Israel's Foreign Policy - Meron Medzini Chapter 46: American Foreign Relations and East Asia - Bruce Cumings Chapter 47: Australian Foreign Policy - Michael Wesley Part 8: Bilateral Issues Chapter 48: India-Pakistan Relations - Rohan Mukherjee Chapter 49: India and Japan: Friendship Rediscovered - Purnendra Jain Chapter 50: Will India Become China's Africa - Jonathan Holslag Chapter 51: China-Japan Relations: Balance of Soft Power - Takeshi Uemura Part 9: Comparison of Asian Sub-Regions Chapter 52: The East Asian Peaace - Stein Tonnesson Chapter 53: The ASEAN Political-Security Community and Its Dilemmas - Ayako Masuhara Chapter 54: Neighbors Without Borders - Regional Integration in South Asia - Aparna Pande
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