SAGE Handbook of Autism and Education

SAGE Handbook of Autism and Education

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Editors' Introduction - Rita Jordan Part I: Learning Needs and Educational Responses Chapter 1: Difference versus Disability: Implications of Characterisation of Autism for Education & Support - Damian Milton Chapter 2: Particular Learning Needs of Individuals on the Autism Spectrum - Rita Jordan Chapter 3: The History of Autism Education - Adam Feinstein Chapter 4: Educational Structures: an International Perspective - Rita Jordan Chapter 5: Systems and Politics of Provision - Suzanne Carrington and Beth Saggers Chapter 6: Professional Development for those Working in Education with Students on the Autism Spectrum - Glenys Jones Chapter 7a: Analysis of What Makes a Successful Professional in Autism - Hilde De Clercq Chapter 7b: What Makes a Good Professional in Autism? A Parent's Perspective - Maureen Bennie Chapter 7c: What Makes a Successful Professional in Autism? School Education - A Lived Experience - Jeanette Purkis Part II: Early Intervention, Education in Core Domains and Family Support Chapter 8: Early Intervention - Jacqueline Roberts and Kate Simpson Chapter 9: Approaches to Early Intervention for Children with Autism and Their Families - Laura J. Hall and Samuel L. Odom Chapter 10: Building on Early Foundations into School: Fostering Socialization in Meaningful Socio-Cultural Contexts - Lakshmi Balasubramanian, Alexander Mario Blum and Pamela Wolfberg Chapter 11: Building on Early Foundations into School: Communication and Language - Greg Pasco Chapter 12: Thinking and Learning - Heather MacKenzie Chapter 13: Focus on Families - Michaela DuBay, Sallie Nowell, Linda R. Watson Chapter 14: Transitions in the Early Years - Connie Wong Part III: School-Based and Academic Education: Access & Support Chapter 15: Curriculum Balance: Access to Academic Learning and the Therapeutic Curriculum - Whitney Griffin, Kara Hume, and Ann M. Sam Chapter 16: Learning Supports for Students on the Autism Spectrum - Ann M. Sam and Kara Hume Chapter 17: Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Skills for Living - Nancy Bagatell Chapter 18: Fostering Peer Relationships and Shared Learning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders - Heartley B. Huber and Erik W. Carter Chapter 19: Developing an Adaptive Behavior Curriculum across the Age and Ability Range - Michelle Lee, Kathryn Schweers & Rachel Loftin Chapter 20: Language & Literacy - Christi Carnahan and Pamela Williamson Chapter 21: Accessing a Broad and Relevant Curriculum - Emily C. Bouck & Jordan Shurr Chapter 22a: A Curriculum to Support Students with Autism and Special Talents and Abilities - Trevor Clark Chapter 22b: A Curriculum for the Dual Disability of Autism & Severe Intellectual Disability - Prithvi Perepa Part IV: Collaborative Working in Education Chapter 23: Autism, Health and Education: Models and Systems for Working Together - Tamara May, Charmaine Bernie, Suzy Marty, Rebecca Sutherland, Jacqueline Roberts and Katrina Williams Chapter 24: Autism Health and Education: Professional Roles and Challenges - Charmaine Bernie, Rebecca Sutherland, Katrina Williams, Suzy Marty, Tamara May and Jacqueline Roberts Chapter 25: Fostering Collaborative Family-School Relationships to Support Students on the Autism Spectrum - Rozanna Lilley Chapter 26: Building Capacity in Education Systems - Jacqueline Roberts Chapter 27: Educator Involvement in Research & Evaluation - Jessica Suhrheinrich, Sasha Zeedyk, Sarah Vejnoska and Aubyn Stahmer Chapter 28a: Evidence-Based Practices with Apps Directed at Core Autism - Gerardo Herrera and Patricia Perez-Fuster Chapter 28b: Information and Communication Technologies as Educational Supports - Susan Hedges and Sue Fletcher-Watson Part V: Education for Life and Barriers to Education Chapter 29: Supporting Students in Postsecondary Education - Elizabeth Evans Getzel, Seb M. Prohn and Staci Carr Chapter 30: Anxiety and Mental Health - Implications for Education - Tony Attwood Chapter 31: Behavioural Issues and Supports - Andrew A. McDonnell, Michael McCreadie and Paul Dickinson Chapter 32: Bullying Issues for Students on the Autism Spectrum and their Families - Verity Bottroff, Barbara Spears & Phillip Slee Chapter 33: Overcoming Barriers to Educational Opportunities Post School - Andrea McLeod Chapter 34a: Autism and Comorbidities: Autism Plus. Implications for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Interventions - Christopher Gillberg Chapter 34b: Practical Effects of Co-morbidities and the Concept of Neurodiversity - Rita Jordan Chapter 35a: Sexual Development and Gender Identity in Autism - Wenn Lawson Chapter 35b: Cultural Issues in Education for those with Autism - Jorge Benavides-Rawson and Roy Richard Grinker Chapter 36: Supportive Environments for Best Autism Practice - Jim Taylor Part VI: Data Collection in Education and Measurement of Progress Chapter 37: Setting and Evaluating Goals in Education - Kobe Vanroy and Peter Vermeulen Chapter 38a: Feedback from Family Members on Outcomes and Experiences of Education for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum - Maureen Bennie Chapter 38b: Measuring Success from School Stakeholders' Perspectives - Jordan McNeil and Elizabeth O'Toole Chapter 38c: Feedback from Individuals on the Autism Spectrum about the Experience & Outcome of Education - Emma Goodall Chapter 39: Measuring Quality in Educational Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Suzanne Kucharczyk and Peggy Schaefer Whitby Chapter 40: Data Collection in Education and Measurement of Progress - Lisa Ruble, Wing Hang Wong, & John McGrew Chapter 41: Research in Autism Education: Current Issues and Future Directions - Brian A. Boyd, Jessica R. Dykstra Steinbrenner, Stephanie S. Reszka and Abigail Carroll Chapter 42a: Tiers of Education: the Power of Collaborative Partnership in the Creation and Delivery of Professional Development for Autism Practitioners - Karen Guldberg Chapter 42b: Crystal Gazing - Rita Jordan
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