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SAGE Handbook of Contemporary China


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VOLUME 01 PART 01: Context: History, Economy, and the Environment Chapter 1: The Making of the Modern State and Quest for Modernity - Dali Yang Chapter 2: Nationalism and the Nation-State - Prasenjit Duara Chapter 3: Continuity and Change: The Economy in the Twentieth Century - Chris Bramall Chapter 4: Geographic and Environmental Setting - David Pietz PART 02: Economic Transformations Introduction - Weiping Wu Chapter 5: Evolution of Market Reforms - Linda Yueh Chapter 6: State-Owned Enterprise: Reform, Performance, and Prospects - Gary Jefferson Chapter 7: The Rural Economy - Susan Whiting and Dan Wang Chapter 8: Economic Growth and Labor Security - Jenny Chan Chapter 9: Inbound Foreign Direct Investment - Yasheng Huang Chapter 10: Financial System - Ming He, Yang Chen and Ronald Schramm Chapter 11: Technology, Innovation and Knowledge-Based Economy - Albert Hu Chapter 12: Sustaining Growth: Energy and Natural Resources - Jo Inge Bekkevold and Oystein Tunsjo PART 03: Politics and Government Introduction - Mark W. Frazier Chapter 13: The Communist Party and Ideology - Kerry Brown Chapter 14: Corruption in Reform Era: A Multidisciplinary Review - Jiangnan Zhu Chapter 15: Campaigns in Politics: From Revolution to Problem Solving - Zhengxu Wang Chapter 16: Popular Protest - Zhang Wu Chapter 17: Bureaucracy and Policy Making - Andrew Mertha Chapter 18: Local and Grassroots Governance - John Kennedy and Dan Chen Chapter 19: Labor Politics - William Hurst Chapter 20: Legal and Judicial System - Vivienne Bath PART 04: China on the Global Stage Introduction - Mark W. Frazier Chapter 21: China as a Global Financial Power - Arthur Kroeber Chapter 22: China and Global Energy Governance - Gaye Christoffersen Chapter 23: China and Global Regimes - Andrew Nathan Chapter 24: Engagement in Global Health Governance Regimes - Yanzhong Huang and Bei Tang PART 05: China's Foreign Policy Introduction - Mark W. Frazier Chapter 25: China-US Relations in a Changing Global Order - Rosemary Foot Chapter 26: China-Japan Relations - Edward Griffith and Caroline Rose Chapter 27: Chinese-Russian Relations - Alexander Lukin Chapter 28: China's Relations with the Korean Peninsula - Carla Freeman Chapter 29: Chinese Foreign Policy: Southeast Asia - Taomou Zhou and Liu Hong VOLUME 02 PART 06: National and Nested Identities Introduction - Mark W. Frazier Chapter 30: Popular Nationalism - Benjamin Darr Chapter 31: Taiwanese Identity - Lowell Dittmer Chapter 32: Hong Kong Identity - Ho-Fung Hung Chapter 33: Chinese Outside China - Nyiri Pal Chapter 34: Studying Tibetan Identity - Ben Hillman Chapter 35: Uyghur Identities - Joanne Smith Finley Chapter 36: Ethnic Studies Beyond Tibet and Xinjiang - Katherine Palmer Kaup Chapter 37: Religion - Andre Laliberte Chapter 38: Sexual Minorities - William F. Schroeder PART 07: Urbanization and Spatial Development Introduction - Weiping Wu Chapter 39: Urbanization and Urban System - Chaolin Gu and Ian Gillespie Cook Chapter 40: Population Mobility and Migration - Cindy Fan Chapter 41: Financing Urbanization and Infrastructure - Weiping Wu Chapter 42: Land and Housing Markets - Jiang Xu Chapter 43: Socio-Spatial Transformation of Cities - Jia Feng and Guo Chen PART 08: Poverty and Inequality Introduction - Weiping Wu Chapter 44: Poverty and Its Alleviation - Bjoern Gustafsson Chapter 45: Regional Inequality: Scales, Mechanisms, and Beyond - Felix Haifeng Liao and Yehua Dennis Wei Chapter 46: The Making of the 'Migrant Class' - Huimin Du and Wenfei Winnie Wang Chapter 47: Gender, Migration, and HIV/STI Risks and Risk Behavior - Xiushi Yang, Hongyun Fu and Meizhen Liao Chapter 48: Income Inequality and Class Stratification - Yanjie Bian, Lei Zhang, Yinghui Li, Yipeng Hu and Na Li PART 09: Social Change Introduction - Weiping Wu Chapter 49: Demographics and Aging - David R. Phillips and Zhixin Feng Chapter 50: Social Welfare - Daniel Hammond Chapter 51: China's Education System: Loved and Hated - Mette Halskov Hansen Chapter 52: Nightlife and Night-Time Economy in Urban China - James Farrer Chapter 53: Family Life - Jieyu Liu, Eona Bell and Jiayu Zhang Chapter 54: Health, Diseases, and Medical Care - Lawton R. Burns and Gordon G. Liu Chapter 55: Media since 1949: Changes and Continuities - Jian Xu and Wanning Sun PART 10: Future Directions for Contemporary China Studies Chapter 56: The Future(s) of China Studies - Sarah Mellors and Jeffrey Wasserstrom Chapter 57: The Future of China's Past - Kristin Stapleton Chapter 58: China and the Challenges of Comparison - Mark W. Frazier
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