SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy

SAGE Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Feltham, Colin; Winter, Laura Anne; Hanley, Terry

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PART ONE: COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY IN CONTEXT What Are Counselling and Psychotherapy? - Colin Feltham and Terry Hanley What do people come to counselling and psychotherapy for ? - Colin Feltham and Terry Hanley What are the training routes in counselling and psychotherapy? - Laura Anne Winter and Terry Hanley Where do counsellors and psychotherapists work? - Laura Anne Winter, Colin Feltham & Terry Hanley PART TWO: SOCIO-CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES Introducing sociocultural perspectives: social justice and intersectionality - Laura Anne Winter Gender - Jenny Bimrose Disability - Simon Parritt Age - Leonie Sugarman Social Class - Liz Ballinger Sexuality - David Mair Religion and Spirituality - William West Race, Culture and Ethnicity - Doireann Mangan PART THREE: THERAPEUTIC SKILLS AND CLINICAL PRACTICE Introducing therapeutic skills and clinical practice: the 'basics' of therapeutic practice? - Laura Anne Winter The Client-Therapist Relationship - William B. Stiles Assessment - Biljana van Rijn Risk: assessment, exploration and mitigation - Andrew Reeves Formulation - Lucy Johnstone Using Outcome and Process Measures - Julia Noble and Terry Hanley Therapeutic Beginnings - India Amos Therapeutic Middles - India Amos Therapeutic Endings - India Amos PART FOUR: PROFESSIONAL ISSUES Introducing professional issues: therapeutic skills beyond therapy - Laura Anne Winter Professional and Personal Development - Chris Rose Clinical Supervision - Mary Creaner Leadership - Antony Froggett Confidentiality, note taking and record keeping - Barbara Mitchels Ethical Codes and Guidance - Tim Bond Responding to Complaints - Tim Bond Client Experiences - Colin Feltham Therapy and the Law - Peter Jenkins Mental Health Law - Sobhi Girgis Fundamentals of Research - John McLeod PART FIVE: THEORY AND APPROACHES Introducing theory and approaches: singular models, combined approaches and alternative perspectives - Terry Hanley PSYCHODYNAMIC APPROACHES Adlerian Therapy - Anthea Millar Jungian Analytical Psychology - Ruth Williams Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - Mark Linington and Victoria Settle Lacanian Therapy - Lionel Bailly Psychoanalytic Therapy - Jessica Yakeley Psychodynamic Therapy - Julia Segal Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy - Richard Brown, Vanessa Herbert and Sara Bardsley COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOURAL APPROACHES Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - John Boorman, Eric Morris & Joe Oliver Cognitive Therapy - Jill Mytton and Heather Sequria Compassion Focused Therapy - Sunil Lad and Chris Irons Dialectical Behaviour Therapy - Michaela Swales & Christine Dunkley Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing - Catherine Kerr & Liz Royle Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy - Adam Scott and Kate Adam Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Windy Dryden HUMANISTIC-EXISTENTIAL APPROACHES Eco Therapy - Nick Totton Emotion Focused therapy - Ladislav Timulak Existential Therapy - Emmy van Deurzen Gestalt Therapy - Michael Ellis and Jonathan Smith Person-Centred Therapy - Keith Tudor Psychodrama - Clark Baim Psychosynthesis Therapy - Helen Sieroda CONSTRUCTIVE APPROACHES Narrative approaches to therapy - John McLeod Neuro-linguistic programming - Jo Cooper Personal- Construct Therapy - David Winter and Fay Fransella Solution-focused brief therapy - Guy Shennan INTEGRATIVE ECLECTIC APPROACHES Cognitive Analytic Therapy - Claire Pollitt Interpersonal Psychotherapy - Elizabeth Robinson and Graham Dyson Multimodal Therapy - Stephen Palmer Pluralistic Therapy - John McLeod and Mick Cooper Schema therapy - Konstantina Kolonia and Helen Kyritsi Meyer The Skilled Helper Model - Val Wosket and Peter Jenkins Transactional Analysis - Charlotte Sills and Keith Tudor ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Psychopharmacology - Digby Tantam Critical counselling and psychotherapy - Colin Feltham PART SIX: CLIENT PRESENTING PROBLEMS Introducing client presenting problems: a critical approach to diagnosis and 'psychopathology' - Laura Anne Winter Alcohol Problems - Richard Velleman Anxiety and Panic - Gill Donohoe and Tom Ricketts Bereavement - Linda Machin Depression - Denis O'Hara Drug-Related Problems - Andrew Guppy and Sally Woods Domestic Violence - Christiane Sanderson Eating and Exercise Disorders - Caroline Vermes HIV/AIDS - Jill Balmont and Ida Waksberg Low Self-Esteem - Christine Wilding Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS) - Daniel Zahl Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Tom Ricketts and Gill Donohoe Personality Disorders - Julia Noble Phobias - Tom Ricketts and Gill Donohoe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Claudia Herbert Sexual Violence: Rape and sexual assault - Bernie Ryan The Psychoses - Brian Martindale Relationship and Sex Problems - Gail Evans Sexual Abuse in Childhood - Rosaleen McElvaney Managing Stress - Rowan Bayne Suicide and Self-Harm - Andrew Reeves PART SEVEN: THERAPEUTIC SPECIALISMS Introducing specialisms: continuing personal and professional development - Terry Hanley DIVERSITY AND DIFFERENCE IN THERAPY Working with People Labelled with Asperger Syndrome - Nick Hodge and Anja Rutten Working with Disability - Simon Parritt Feminist Therapy - Liz Ballinger Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity Therapy - Olivier Cormier-Otano and Dominic Davies Working with Homeless People - Emma Williamson Working with Interpreters - Rachel Tribe and Anita Tunariu Working with Refugees - Jude Boyles THERAPY SETTINGS Coaching - Stephen Palmer and Zsofia Anna Utry Working in Further and Higher Education - Andrew Reeves Working with the Media - Elaine Kasket Working with Neuroscience and Neuropsychology - David Goss Private Practice - Gareth Williams Working in Primary Care - Sarah Hovington and Zubeida Ali Short Term Therapy - Alex Coren Workplace Therapy - Kevin Friery LIFESPAN ISSUES Counselling Children - Kathryn Geldard, David Geldard and Rebecca Yin Foo Counselling Young People - Kathryn Geldard, David Geldard and Rebecca Yin Foo Counselling Older People - Naoko Kishita and Ken Laidlaw THERAPEUTIC MODALITIES Systemic Family Therapy - Rudi Dallos Group Therapy - Stephen Paul Relationship Therapy - Gail Evans TECHNOLOGY AND THERAPY Counselling by Telephone - Maxine Rosenfield Electronically Delivered Text Therapies - Kate Anthony Wider Issues of Technology in Therapy - Kate Anthony, Stephen Goss and DeeAnna Merz Nagel
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