SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Policy

SAGE Handbook of Early Childhood Policy

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Introduction: Exploring the landscape of early childhood policy - Linda Miller, Claire Cameron, Carmen Dalli and Nancy Barbour PART 1: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RESEARCH, POLICY AND PRACTICE: COUNTRY CASE STUDIES Chapter 1: Scientific advice, policy formation and early childhood education and care (ECEC) in the European Union (EU): the intersection of research, policy and practice - Nora Milotay Chapter 2: Early Childhood Policies in India: A Historical Analysis - Venita Kaul and Shipra Sharma Chapter 3: An incomplete revolution? Changes and challenges within German early childhood education and care policy - Birgit Riedel and Nicole Klinkhammer Chapter 4: A Danish perspective on issues in early childhood education and care policy - Jytte Juul Jensen Chapter 5: The relationship between early childhood and primary education in France and Sweden: a policy focus - Yoshie Kaga Chapter 6: Early childhood policy in East Asia and the Asia Pacific region, with reference to Myanmar - Lynn Ang Chapter 7: Implementing Free Early Childhood Education in a Completely Privatized Market: A Case Study of Hong Kong - Hui Li and Jingying Wang Chapter 8: US Early Childhood Policy: Towards a More Coherent Early Childhood Policy in the US - Jacqueline Jones Chapter 9: Documenting early childhood policy in Aotearoa New Zealand: Political and personal stories - Helen May Chapter 10: Chinese Early Childhood Policy - Jennifer Chen Chapter 11: Highlights and shadows in ECEC policy in Latin America and the Caribbean - Cynthia Adlerstein & Marcela Pardo PART 2: EQUITABLE EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICES: INTERVENTION TO IMPROVE CHILDREN'S LIFE CHANCES Chapter 12: Equitable early childhood services: intervention to improve children's life chances, South Africa - Teresa T. Harris & Nkidi C. Phatudi Chapter 13: Scaling-up early learning as a sustainable development priority: A case study of Ethiopia - Martin Woodhead, Jack Rossiter, Andrew Dawes and Alula Pankhurst Chapter 14: Doing More with Less: Innovations in Early Childhood Development from Low-Resource Contexts - Michelle J. Neuman Chapter 15: What place for 'care' in early childhood policy? - Peter Moss Chapter 16: Early childhood education and care: poverty and access. Perspectives from England - Eva Lloyd Chapter 17: School Readiness - Christopher P. Brown Chapter 18: Educare: A Model for US Early Childhood Services - Diane Horm, Noreen Yazejian, Portia Kennel, and Cynthia D. Stringfellow Jackson PART 3: EXTENDING PRACTICE: THE ROLE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICES IN FAMILY SUPPORT Chapter 19: A Childcare Social Enterprise The London Early Years Foundation Model - June O'Sullivan Chapter 20: Supporting young HIV-AIDS survivors in family households in rural South Africa, the Isibindi Model - Merle Allsopp, Hloniphile Dlamini, Lucky Jacobs, Seeng Mamabolo & Leon Fulcher Chapter 21: Children in care in early childhood - Sonia Jackson and Katie Hollingworth Chapter 22: Community based family support: lessons from Sure Start - Naomi Eisenstadt Chapter 23: The Role of the Health Sector in Promoting Well-being in Early Childhood - Mary Young PART 4: PARTICIPATION, RIGHTS AND DIVERSITY Chapter 24: Supporting (super)diversity in early childhood settings - Michel Vandenbroeck Chapter 25: Challenges of Practicing Democracy in Polish Preschools - Katarzyna Gawlicz Chapter 26: Te Kohanga Reo: early childhood education and the politics of language and cultural maintenance - Mere Skerrett Chapter 27: Children's Rights and Early Childhood Education - Anne B. Smith Chapter 28: The Lives of Refugee Children: A Korean Example - Emily Seulgi Lee and Shin Ji Kang SECTION 5: FUTURE DIRECTIONS FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD POLICY Chapter 29: Costs and Benefits of Early Childhood Education and Care - Steve Barnett and Milagros Nores Chapter 30: Quality of early childhood education and care for children under three: Sound Foundations - Sandra Mathers and Katharina Ereky-Stevens Chapter 31: The competent system or the intersection between research, policy making and practice - Jan Peeters and Brecht Peleman Chapter 32: The privatization/marketization of ECEC debate: social versus neo liberal models - Christine Woodrow and Frances Press Chapter 33: ISSA's Quality Framework for Early Childhood Practices in Services for Children under Three Years Old - An invitation to policy dialogue for building integration and alignment in ECEC systems - Dawn Tankersley, Mihaela Ionescu and Zorica Trikic Chapter 34: Role of research in ECD policy - Sharon Lynn Kagan, Rebecca E. Gomez, Jessica L. Roth Chapter 35: The development of a united ECEC workforce in New Zealand and England: a long, slow and fitful journey - Claire Cameron, Carmen Dalli and Antonia Simon Chapter 36: Conclusion - Carmen Dalli, Nancy Barbour, Claire Cameron and Linda Miller
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