SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology, 2v

SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology, 2v


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Introduction - William Outhwaite and Stephen Turner PART 1: TRADITIONS AND PERSPECTIVES Chapter 1: Classical approaches: Origins and development of the theory of politics - Bryan S. Turner Chapter 2: Historical Political Sociology - Yves Deloye Chapter 3a: Marx and Marxism up to The Second World War - Robert John Bideleux Chapter 3b: Marxism Since 1945: The Post-1940s Decline In Marxism's Appeal As An Ideology Of Mass Movements And Regimes - Robert John Bideleux Chapter 4: Elite theory and 'democratic elitism' - Sandro Segre Chapter 5: Class and Politics - Geoff Evans and Noah Carl Chapter 6: Foucault and Political Sociology - Claire Blencowe Chapter 7: Gender and Political Sociology - Celia Valiente Chapter 8: Postcolonial Theory - Lucy Mayblin Chapter 9: International Relations and Political Sociology - Alvaro Morcillo Laiz and Salvador Mateos Chapter 10: Political Anthropology - Arpad Szakolczai and Agnes Horvath Chapter 11: Law and Political Sociology - Chris Thornhill Chapter 12: International Political Economy - Kevan Harris and Christiana Parreira Chapter 13: Rational Choice - Andreas Tutic and Ulf Liebe Chapter 14: Political Sociology and Political Theory - Rob Stones PART 2: CORE CONCEPTS Chapter 15: Power - Jonathan Hearn Chapter 16: Governmentality - Iver B. Neumann and Scott Hamilton Chapter 17: Institutions - Peter Lista and Fabio Rojas Chapter 18: The Political Sociology and Geography of Borders - Alexander C Diener and Joshua Hagen Chapter 19: Globalization - Larry Ray Chapter 20: The State - Alan Scott Chapter 21: Weak States - Luz Marina Arias and Luis De la Calle Chapter 22: Civil Society: History, Concepts and Current Developments - Frank Adloff Chapter 23: Citizenship: T.H. Marshall and Beyond - Peter Kivisto Chapter 24: Political Culture - Stephen Welch Chapter 25: The Concept of Empire - Russell David Foster Chapter 26: Empires as a Political Form - Richard Lachmann PART 3: POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES AND MOVEMENTS Chapter 27: Ideology - Jonathan Leader Maynard Chapter 28: Neo-liberalism and the Study of "Isms" - Stephanie L. Mudge Chapter 29: Socialism, Social Democracy, Communism - Gerassimos Moschonas Chapter 30: Fascism - Roger Griffin and Constantin Iordachi Chapter 31: Populism - Carlos de la Torre Chapter 32: Nationalism - Steven Grosby Chapter 33: Federalism - David Spence Chapter 34: Democracy and Democratization: Theory and Research - Paul Blokker Chapter 35: Causal Models of Democratization - Carles Boix and Michael K. Miller Chapter 36: Asian Model of Democracy - Chua Beng Huat Chapter 37: Islamism, Political Islam - Charles Turner PART 4: TOPICS Chapter 38: Revolution - Liah Greenfeld Chapter 39: State Power and Crime - Matias Dewey Chapter 40: War - Christian Olsson and Sinisa Malesevic Chapter 41: Genocide - Dustin Garlitz Chapter 42: Clientelism - Ezequiel Gonzalez-Ocantos and Paula Munoz Chapter 43: Experts and Science and Politics - Alexander Ruser Chapter 44: Social Media and Politics - Andrea Calderaro Chapter 45: Political Socialization and Child Development - Michael McDevitt Chapter 46: Resistance - Davita Silfen Glasberg and Deric Shannon Chapter 47: Social Movements - Hadi Khoshneviss and Robert D. Benford Chapter 48: Migration - June Edmunds Chapter 49: Race - Alana Lentin Chapter 50: Terrorism - Ignacio Sanchez-Cuenca Rodriguez Chapter 51: Transitional Justice - Roman David Chapter 52: Post-Communism - Li Bennich-Bjoerkman Chapter 53: Public Policy Formation and Implementation - John McLevey and Ryan Deschamps Chapter 54: Welfare State - Filipe Carreira da Silva Chapter 55: Religion and Politics - Paul A. Djupe Chapter 56: Paradoxes of Diversity - William Peter Baehr and Daniel Gordon Chapter 57: Corporate Power in the 21st Century - Steven Panageotou Chapter 58: Political Violence in Historical Perspective - James J. Chriss Chapter 59: Military sociology - Helena Carreiras Chapter 60: The Politics of Memory - Anselma Gallinat PART 5: WORLD REGIONS Chapter 61: World-System - Dmytro Khutkyy and Christopher Chase-Dunn Chapter 62: European Integration - Didier Georgakakis Chapter 63: Politics in African States - Klaus Schlichte Chapter 64: Minority Rights and Democracy in India - Peter deSouza Chapter 65: China: Ancien, Regime, Revolution and After - Chih-Chieh Tang, Feng-Tsan Lin and Hung-Chang Wu Chapter 66: The 'Middle East' - Helen Mary Rizzo Chapter 67: Europe in a New World Context - Gerard Delanty
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