SAGE Handbook of Public Administration

SAGE Handbook of Public Administration

Peters, B. Guy; Pierre, Jon

SAGE Publications Ltd






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Preface to Second Edition - B. Guy Peters and Jon Pierre Introduction Introduction: The Role of Public Administration in Governing - B. Guy Peters and Jon Pierre PART ONE: PUBLIC MANAGEMENT: OLD AND NEW - Hal G. Rainey Public Management - Laurence E. Lynn, Jr Measuring Public-Sector Performance and Effectiveness - Carolyn J. Heinrich Strategic Planning and Management - John M. Bryson PART TWO: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Patricia W. Ingraham Identifying the Antecedents to Public Performance: Implications for Human Resource Management - Donald P. Moynihan Global Trends in Human Resources Management Practices - Sally Coleman Selden Pay and Prerequisites for Public Executives - Joergen Gronnegaard Christensen Leadership and the Senior Executive Service from a Comparative Perspective - John Halligan Labor Management Relations and Partnerships: Were They Reinvented? - James R. Thompson PART THREE: ORGANIZATION THEORY AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION - Tom Christensen How Bureaucratic Structure Matters: An Organizational Perspective - Morten Egeberg Institutional Theories and Public Institutions: New Agendas and Appropriateness - Jean-Claude Thoenig Formal Theory and Public Administration - Thomas H. Hammond and Jack H. Knott Environmental Perspectives on Public Institutions - Karen M. Hult PART FOUR: ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY - Jos C. N. Raadschelders US Administrative History: Golem Government - Mordecai Lee Administrative Legacies in Western Europe - Fabio Rugge South Asian and Western Administrative Experience: The Past in the Present - James Warner Bjorkman PART FIVE: IMPLEMENTATION - Soren C. Winter Implementation Perspectives: Status and Reconsideration - Soren Winter Policy Design and Implementation - Peter J. May Interorganizational Relations and Policy Implementation - Laurence J. O'Toole, Jr Street-Level Bureaucrats and the Implementation of Public Policy - Marcia K. Meyers and Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen PART SIX: LAW AND ADMINISTRATION - Gavin Drewry The Continental System of Administrative Legality - Jacques Ziller Administrative Law in the Anglo-American Tradition - Paul Craig The Limits of Law: Can Laws Regulate Public Administration? - David Feldman PART SEVEN: POLITICS AND ADMINISTRATION - Carl Dahlstroem Bureaucratic Politics: Opening the Black Box of Executive Government - Paul 't Hart and Anchrit Wille Politicization of the Civil Service - Luc Rouban Strategy Structure and Policy Dynamics - Andrew B. Whitford PART EIGHT: ADMINISTRATION AND SOCIETY - Bo Rothstein Political Legitimacy for Public Administration - Bo Rothstein Representative Bureaucracy: Four Questions - Kenneth J. Meier and K. Juree Capers Street-Level Bureaucracy and Public Policy - Steven Rathgeb Smith Electronic Government: A Revolution in Public Administration? - Helen Margetts PART NINE: BUDGETING AND FINANCE: BUDGET WATCHER'S BLUES - Frans K. M. Van Nispen Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Policy - Mark Hallerberg Performance-Informed Budgeting: A Global Reform - Rita M. Hilton and Philip G. Joyce Accrual Budgeting in Comparative Perspective - Leonard Kok PART TEN: COMPARATIVE AND INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION - Edward C. Page Comparative Public Administration: From General Theory to General Frameworks - Marleen Brans International Organizations and Domestic Administrative Reform - Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoous and Agyris G. Passas Administrative Patterns and National Politics - Martin Lodge PART ELEVEN: ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM - Theo A. J. Toonen Administrative Reform: Analytics - Theo A. J. Toonen Administrative Reforms in Western Democracies - Tom Christensen and Per Laegreid Comprehensive Reform and Public Administration in Post-Communist States - Tony J.G. Verheijen PART TWELVE: PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION IN DEVELOPING AND TRANSITIONAL SOCIETIES - Goran Hyden Public Administration in Africa: Deepening Crisis Despite Reform Efforts - Dele Olowu Challenges of Culture and Governance in South Asian Public Administration - O. P. Dwedivi and D. S Mishra Public Administration and Public Sector Reform in Latin America - Jorge Nef Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe - Patrycja Joanna Suwaj PART THIRTEEN: ACCOUNTABILITY - Paul G. Thomas Accountability in Modern Government - Robert Gregory The Pursuit of Public-Service Ethics - Promises, Developments and Prospects - Christoph Demmke and Timo Moilanen Accountability in an age of Markets and Networks - Mark Considine and Kamran Ali Afzal PART FOURTEEN: INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS - Martin Painter The Instruments of InterGovernmental Management - Beryl A. Radin Federalism and Intergovernmental Coordination - Alan Fenna Multi-level Governance and Public Administration - Simona Piattoni
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