SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management

SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management

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The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management: Theories, Concepts and Disciplinary Approaches to Tourism 1. An Introduction to The Handbook, Volume 1 - Chris Cooper, Bill Gartner, Noel Scott, and Serena Volo Part 01: Researching Tourism 2. Qualitative Research and Tourism Studies - Gayle Jennings 3. Quantitative Research Approaches to Tourism - Josef Mazanec Part 02: Social Analysis 4. Economic Geographies of Tourism: A Critical and Contested Discourse - Keith Debbage 5. Tourism Histories - Kevin James 6. Key Milestones and Changing Directions in the Sociology of Tourism - Scott Cohen and Erik Cohen 7. Psychology of Tourism - Philip Pearce 8. Anthropology of Tourism - Tim Wallace and Valene Smith 9. Tourism Ethics - Valerie Sheppard and David Fennell 10. Network Analysis: Qualitative Methods in Tourism - Rodolfo Baggio Part 03: Economic Analysis 11. Economics of Tourism - Larry Dwyer 12. Tourism Data Sources: From Official Statistics to Big Data - Serena Volo 13. Analysing and Forecasting Tourism Demand - Haiyan Song, Anyu Liu, and Vera Shanshan Lin 14. Tourism Supply Side Analysis - Tadayuki Hara, Sachiyo Asahi, and Morihiko Kinjo 15. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research in Tourism: A Review - Rhodri Thomas and Neil Ormerod 16. Tourism Human Resources - Adele Ladkin 17. Service Management - David Solnet and Maria Golubovskaya Part 04: Technological Analysis 18. Tourism and Surface Transport - Bruce Prideaux 19. Aviation and Tourism - Gui Lohmann and Bojana Spasojevic 20. The Digital Tourism Economy - Miha Bratec 21. Tourism and Knowledge Management - Lisa Ruhanen 22. Business Model Innovation in Tourism - opportunities, challenges and examples - Anne-Mette Hjalager and Einar Lier Madsen Part 05: Environmental Analysis 23. The Tourism/Environment Relationship - Andrew Holden 24. Tourism Sustainability And Resilience - Richard Butler 25. Climate Change and Tourism - Debbie Hopkins and James Higham 26. Tourism and Biodiversity - Stefan Gossling 27. Protected Natural Areas and Tourism Management - Dave Newsome, Michael Hughes, and Kate Rodger 28. Tourism, Energy, Oil and Water - Jonathon Day Part 06: Political Analysis 29. Tourism Institutions and Agencies - Haywantee Ramkissoon and Dean Hristov 30. Tourism Policy - John Jenkins 31. Tourism Governance - Lindemberg Medeiros de Araujo and Noel Scott 32. Tourism Planning: Evolution and Trends for the Future - Carlos Costa and Filipa Brandao 33. Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism Development: A Theoretical and Empirical Review - Robin Nunkoo and Boopen Seetanah 34. Globalization, Supranationalism and Tourism - Dallen Timothy The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Management: Applications Of Theories And Concepts to Tourism 35. An Introduction to The Handbook, Volume 2 - Chris Cooper, Bill Gartner, Noel Scott, and Serena Volo Part 01: Approaching Tourism 36. The Mobilities Paradigm and Tourism Management - Kevin Hannam 37. Critical Turns In Tourism Studies - Irena Ateljevic, Annette Pritchard, Nigel Morgan, Senija Causevic, and Lynn Minnaert 38. Tourism for Poverty Alleviation: Issues and Debates in the Global South - Christian M. Rogerson and Jarkko Saarinen 39. Tourism Gender Studies - Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore and Elaine Chiao Ling Yang 40. Tourism Education and Scholarship - David Airey 41. Human Rights, Disabilities and Social Tourism - Scott McCabe, Anya Diekmann, and Konstantinos I. Kakoudakis Part 02: Destination Applications 42. Destination Competitiveness - Robertico Croes and Kelly Semrad 43. Destination Management - Alan Fyall and Brian Garrod 44. Emerging Markets in Tourism - Rui Song 45. Destination Marketing Organisations - Steven Pike 46. Tourism Crisis and Safety Management - David Beirman Part 03: Marketing Applications 47. The Development of Service-Dominant Logic within Tourism Management - Gareth Shaw and Sheela Agarwal 48. Tourism Products and Experiences - Noel Scott and Lihua Gao 49. Tourism Destination Image - Bill Gartner 50. Destination Branding - Simon Hudson and Jing Li 51. Consumer Behaviour in Tourism - Arch Woodside 52. Understanding and Satisfying to Consumer Needs - Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning - Sara Dolnicar 53. Tourism Distribution and Intermediaries - Nevenka Cavlek 54. Critical Developments in Revenue Management and Pricing - Una McMahon-Beattie, Ian Yeoman, and Mairead McEntee Part 04: Tourism Product Markets 55. Contemporary Perspectives on Visitor Attractions - Anna Leask 56. The Creative Economy, Entertainment and Performance - Greg Richards 57. Hospitality Management - Conrad Lashley 58. Niche Tourism - past, present and future - Marina Novelli 59. The Growth and Developments of Leisure Events and Festival Tourism - Michelle Whitford and Elizabeth Fredline 60. Business Events - Deborah Breiter Terry and Amanda Wood Cecil Part 05: Technological Applications 61. Tourism and the Internet: Marketing Perspectives - Philip Alford 62. Tourism and Social Media - Ulrike Gretzel 63. The Potential of Tracking Technologies, Smartphones and Sensors for Tourism Management and Planning of Destinations - Noam Shoval and Rein Ahas 64. The Future is Now: How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Transforming Tourism - Daniel Guttentag, Tom Griffin, and Seung Hwan (Mark) Lee 65. Framing Tourism Futures Research: An Ontological Perspective - Ian Yeoman and Una McMahon-Beattie Part 06: Environmental Applications 66. Managing the Natural Environment for Tourism - Ralf Buckley 67. Tourism and Specific Localities - Mountains, Deserts and Coasts - Elizabeth Kastenholz 68. Managing Built Heritage Resources - Myriam Verbeke and Dominique Vanneste 69. The Host Community: Perceptions of and Responses to Tourism - Richard Sharpley 70. Tourism in a Low Carbon Energy Future - Eke Eijgelaar, Bas Amelung, Viachaslau Filimonau, Jo Guiver, and Paul Peeters 71. Tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility - Xavier Font
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