SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods

SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods


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Chapter 1: Visual Dialogues across Different Schools of Thought - Luc Pauwels and Dawn Mannay PART 1: FRAMING THE FIELD OF VISUAL RESEARCH Chapter 2: An Integrated Conceptual and Methodological Framework for the Visual Study of Culture and Society - Luc Pauwels Chapter 3: Looking Two Ways: Mapping the Social Scientific Study of Visual Culture - Richard Chalfen Chapter 4: Visual Studies and Empirical Social Inquiry - Jon Wagner Chapter 5: Seeing Things: Visual Research and Material Culture - Jon Wagner PART 2: VISUAL AND SPATIAL DATA PRODUCTION METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES Chapter 6: Rephotography for Documenting Social Change - Jon H. Rieger Chapter 7: Repeat Photography in Landscape Research - Mark Klett Chapter 8: Videography: An Interpretative Approach to Video-Recorded Micro-Social Interaction - Hubert Knoblauch and Rene Tuma Chapter 9: Eye-Tracking as a Method of Visual Research - Clare Kirtley Chapter 10: Expanding Cartographic Practices in the Social Sciences - Innisfree McKinnon and Jessica McCallum Breen Chapter 11: Participatory Geographic Information Systems in Visual Research - Wen Lin Chapter 12: Visualization in Social Analysis - John Grady Chapter 13: Visual Research Methods in the Design Process - Prasad Boradkar and Tejas Dhadphale PART 3: PARTICIPATORY AND SUBJECT-CENTERED APPROACHES Chapter 14: Methodological Variation in Participant Visual Media Production - Richard Chalfen Chapter 15: Community-Based Participatory Video and Social Action - Claudia Mitchell and Naydene de Lange Chapter 16: Digital Storytelling as a Research Method - Sarah Flicker and Katie MacEntee Chapter 17: Photovoice: A Critical Introduction - E-J Milne and Rachel Muir Chapter 18: Using Drawing in Visual Research: Materializing the Invisible - Philippa Lyon Chapter 19: Picture-sorting Techniques: Card Sorting and Q-sort as Alternative and Complementary Approaches in Visual Social Research - Katharina Lobinger and Cornelia Brantner Chapter 20: Artefacts, Third Objects, Sandboxing and Figurines in the Doll's House - Dawn Mannay Chapter 21: The Therapeutic Use of Photography: Phototherapy and Therapeutic - Del Loewenthal PART 4: ANALYTICAL FRAMEWORKS AND PERSPECTIVES Chapter 22: Quantitative Content Analysis of the Visual - Katy Parry Chapter 23: Visual Semiotics: Key Concepts and New Directions - Giorgia Aiello Chapter 24: Advances in Visual Rhetorical Analysis - Laurie Gries Chapter 25: Iconology and Documentary Method in the Interpretation of Divergent Types of Visual Materials - Ralf Bohnsack Chapter 26: Ethnomethodology and the Visual: Practices of Looking, Visualization, and Embodied Action - Michael Ball and Gregory Smith Chapter 27: Methodological Approaches to Disclosing Historic Photographs - Eric Margolis and Jeremy Rowe Chapter 28: Researching Film and History: Sources, Methods, Approaches - James Chapman PART 5: MULTIMODAL AND MULTISENSORIAL RESEARCH Chapter 29: Multimodality and Multimodal Research - Theo van Leeuwen Chapter 30: Visual and Multimodal Framing Analysis - Renee Moernaut, Jelle Mast and Luc Pauwels Chapter 31: Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis: how to reveal discourses of health and ethics in food packaging - Per Ledin and David Machin Chapter 32: How to 'Read' Images with Texts: The Graphic Novel Case - Jan Baetens and Steven Surdiacourt Chapter 33: A Multisensory Approach to Visual Methods - Sarah Pink Chapter 34: Rapid Prototyping for Social Science Research - Carey Jewitt, Kerstin Leder Mackley, Douglas Atkinson and Sara Price PART 6: RESEARCHING ONLINE PRACTICES Chapter 35: A Multimodal Model for Exploring the Material Culture of Digital Networked Platforms and their Practices - Luc Pauwels Chapter 36: Contemporary Landscapes of Visual and Digital Communication: The Interplay of Social, Semiotic, and Technological Change - Clarice Gualberto and Gunther Kress Chapter 37: Understanding Online Images: Content, Context and Circulation as Analytical Foci - Helen Lomax and Janet Fink Chapter 38: Visual and Affective Analysis of Social Media - Kate Marston PART 7: COMMUNICATING THE VISUAL: FORMATS AND CONCERNS Chapter 39: Creating Visual Essays: Narrative and Thematic Approaches - Terence Heng Chapter 40: Anthropological Filmmaking: An Empirical Art - David MacDougall Chapter 41: Visual Ethnography and Emerging Digital Technologies - Paolo, S. H. Favero Chapter 42: Revisualizing Data: Engagement, Impact and Multimodal Dissemination - Dawn Mannay Chapter 43: Making Arguments with Images: Visual Scholarship and Academic Publishing - Darren Newbury Chapter 44: Visual Ethics beyond the Crossroads - Andrew Clark Chapter 45: Legal Issues of Using Images in Research - Jeremy Rowe
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