SAGE Handbook of Youth Work Practice

SAGE Handbook of Youth Work Practice

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Introduction - Pam Alldred, Fin Cullen, Kathy Edwards, and Dana Fusco PART 1: Approaches to Youth Work Across Time and Place Chapter 1: Defining Youth Work: exploring the boundaries, continuity and diversity of youth work practice - Trudi Cooper Chapter 2: How to Support Young People in a Changing World: The sociology of generations and youth work - Dan Woodman and Johanna Wyn Chapter 3: Looking over our shoulders: Youth work and its history - Anthony Jeffs Chapter 4: Some conceptions of youth and youth work in the United States - Dana Fusco Chapter 5: Youth Work as a Colonial Export: Explorations From the Global South - Kathy Edwards and Ismail Shaafee Chapter 6: Let Principles Drive Practice: Reclaiming Youth Work in India - Roshni K. Nuggehalli Chapter 7: The Impact of Neoliberalism Upon the Character and Purpose of English Youth Work and Beyond - Tony Taylor, Paula Connaughton, Tania de St Croix, Bernard Davies, and Pauline Grace Chapter 8: Youth Work in England: A Profession with a Future? - Helen M.F. Jones Chapter 9: Precarious Practices with Risky Subjects? Policy and Practice Explorations in the UK and Europe - Fin Cullen and Simon Bradford Chapter 10: Undoing Sexism and Youth Work Practice: Seeking Equality, Unsettling Ideology, Affirming Difference - A UK Perspective - Janet Batsleer Chapter 11: Intersectionality and Resistance in Youth Work: Young People, Peace and Global 'Development' in a Racialized World - Momodou Sallah, Mike Ogunnusi and Richard Kennedy Chapter 12: Youth Work and Social Pedagogy: Reflections from the UK and Europe - Kieron Hatton Chapter 13: 21st Century Youth Work: Life Under Global Capitalism - Hans Skott-Myhre and Kathleen Skott-Myhre PART 2: Professional Work With Young People: Projects and Practices to Inspire Chapter 14: Participation, Empowerment and Democracy: Engaging with Young People's Views - Philippa Collin, Girish Lala, and Leo Fieldgrass Chapter 15: Faith-based Youth Work: Education, Engagement and Ethics - Graham Bright, Naomi Thompson, Peter Hart, and Bethany Hayden Chapter 16: Together we Walk: The Importance of Relationship in Youth Work with Refugee Young People - Jen Couch Chapter 17: Screaming Aloud from the da old plantation down-under: Youth Work on the margins in Aotearoa New Zealand - Fiona Beals, Peter-Clinton Foaese, Martini Miller, Helen Perkins and Natalie Sargent Chapter 18: Promoting Children First Youth Work in the Youth Justice System and Beyond - Stephen Case and Rachel Morris Chapter 19: Critical Street Work: the politics of working (in) outside institutions - Michael Whelan and Helmut Steinkellner Chapter 20: Youth Work, Arts Practice and Transdisciplinary Space - Frances Howard, Steph Brocken, and Nicola Sim Chapter 21: Fringe Work - Street-level Divergence in Swedish Youth Work - Bjoern Andersson Chapter 22: The Alchemy of work with Young Women - Susan Morgan and Eliz McArdle Chapter 23: Supporting Trans And/Or Non-Binary Young People: UK Methods and Approaches - Catherine McNamara PART 3: Values and Ethics in Work with Young People Chapter 24: An Ethics of Caring in Youth Work Practice - Joshua Spier and David Giles Chapter 25: Relationship Centrality in Work with Young People with Experience of Violence - Daniel Jupp Kina Chapter 26: Reflective Practice: Gaze, Glance and Being a Youth Worker - Jo Trelfa Chapter 27: The Challenges for British Youth Workers of Government Strategies to 'Prevent Terrorism' - Paul Thomas Chapter 28: The Politics of Gang Intervention in New England, USA: Knowledge, Partnership, and Youth Transformation - Ellen Foley, Angel Guzman, Miguel Lopez, Laurie Ross, Jennifer Safford-Farquharson, with Katie Byrne, Egbert Pinero, and Ron Waddell Chapter 29: Coercion in Sexual Relationships: Challenging Values in school-based work - Jo Heslop Chapter 30: Youth & Community Approaches To Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation: South African and UK Project Experiences - Kate D'Arcy, Roma Thomas, and Candice Wallas Chapter 31: Allies, Not Accomplices: What Youth Work can Learn from Trans and Disability Movements - Wolfgang Vachon and Tim McConnell Chapter 32: The Challenges of Using a Youth Development Approach in a Mental Health and Addictions Service for Young People - Mark Wood Chapter 33: Gaze Interrupted: Speaking back to Stigma with Visual Research - Victoria Restler and Wendy Luttrell Chapter 34: The Ethical Foundations of Youth Work as an International Profession - Howard Sercombe Chapter 35: Youth Work at the End of Life? - Rajesh Patel PART 4: Current Challenges, Future Possibilities Chapter 36: Youth Work Practices in Conflict Societies: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunities - Ken Harland and Alastair Scott-McKinley Chapter 37: Popular Education and Youth Work: Learnings from Ghana - Marion Thomson and Kodzo Chapman Chapter 38: Roma Youth and Global Youth Work - Brian Belton Chapter 39: Community Development with Young People - Exploring a New Model - Helen Bartlett and Adam Muirhead Chapter 40: Returning to Responsive Youth Work in New York City - Susan Matloff-Nieves, Tanya Wiggins, Jennifer Fuqua, Marisa Ragonese, Steve Pullano, and Gregory Brender Chapter 41: Uncomfortable Knowledge and the Ethics of Good Practice in Australia's Offshore Refugee Detention Centers - Judith Bessant and Rob Watts Chapter 42: The Evolution of Youth Empowerment: From Programming to Partnering - Heather Ramey and Heather Lawford Chapter 43: Towards a Shared Vision of Youth Work: Developing a Worker-Based Youth Work Curriculum - Tomi Kiilakoski, Viljami Kinnunen, and Ronnie Djupsund Chapter 44: Evaluating Youth Work in its Contexts - Sue Cooper and Anu Gretschel Conclusion - Dana Fusco, Pam Alldred, Kathy Edwards, and Fin Cullen
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