SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City

SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City


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1) Introduction: The Urban Churn - Suzanne Hall, Ricky Burdett Part 1: Questions of Definition: An Urban Compendium 2) The Global Urban: Difference and Complexity in Urban Studies and the Science of Cities - Jenny Robinson, Sue Parnell 3) Urban Studies and the Postcolonial Encounter - Ananya Roy 4) Elements for a New Epistemology of the Urban - Neil Brenner, Christian Schmid Part 2: Hierarchy: Elites and Evictions 5) The Elite Habitus in Cities of Accumulation - Mike Savage 6) Reimagining Chinese London - Caroline Knowles, Roger Burrows 7) Eviction and the Reproduction of Urban Poverty - Matt Desmond Part 3: Productivity: Over-investment and Abandonment 8) Global Cities: Places for Researching the Translocal - Saskia Sassen 9) Origins of an Urban Crisis: The Restructuring of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Geography of Foreclosure - Alex Schafran 10) Urban Economy and Social Inequality in Productivity: Investment and Abandonment - Fran Tonkiss 11) Ruination and Post-industrial Urban Decline - Alice Mah Part 4: Authority: Governance and Mobilisations 12) The Political Sociology of Cities and Urbanisation Processes: Social Movements, Inequalities and Governance - Patrick Le Gales 13) Limits to South Africa's 'Right to the City': Prospects For and Beyond Urban Commoning - Patrick Bond 14) Aesthetic Governmentality : Administering the 'World-Class' City in Delhi's Slums - Asher Ghertner Part 5: Volatility: Disruption and Adaptation 15) Post-Disaster, Recovery and Rebuilding - Kevin Fox Gotham, Wesley Cheek 16) What the Eye Does Not See: The Yamuna in the Imagination of Delhi - Amita Baviskar 17) Endangered City: Security and Citizenship in Bogota - Austin Zeiderman Part 6: Conflict: Vulnerability and Insurgency 18) The European Refugee Crisis in "Our" Cities: Conflict, Vulnerability and Ethics of Surface - Christine Hentschel 19) Temporal (Un)Civility of the City: MENA Urban Insurgencies and Revolutions - Anna M. Agathangelou 20) Violent Infrastructures, Places of Conflict: Urban Order in Divided Cities - Wendy Pullan Part 7: Provisionality: Infrastructure and Incrementalism 21) The Majority-World and the Politics of Everyday Living in Southeast Asia - AbdouMaliq Simone 22) Incremental Urbanism and Tactical Learning: Reflections from Mumbai and Kampala - Colin McFarlane 23) Infrastructure Deficits and Potential in African Cities - Edgar Pieterse, Katherine Hyman Part 8: Mobility: Re-bordering and De-bordering 24) City of Migrants - Ash Amin 25) The Migrant Street - Suzanne Hall, Robin Finlay, Julia King 26) Rethinking Border Cities: In-Between Spaces, Unequal Actors and Stretched Mobility Across the China-Southeast Asia Borderland - Xiangming Chen, Curtis Stone 27) Re-bordering Camp and City: 'Race', Space and Citizenship in Dhaka - Victoria Redclift 28) The Essences of Multiculture: A Sensory Exploration of an Inner-city Street Market - Alex Rhys Taylor Part 9: Civility: Contestation and Encounter 29) The Contradictions of Urban Public Space: The View From London and New York - David Madden 30) The Public Life of Social Capital - Talja Blokland 31) From the Speculative to the Littoral City - Sarah Nuttall Part 10: Design: Speculation and Imagination 32) The Public Realm - Richard Sennett 33) Urban Design: Beyond Architecture at Scale - Rahul Mehrotra 34) Towards a Minor Global Architecture at Lamu, Kenya - Lindsay Bremner 35) Forensic Architecture: Political Practice, Activism, Aesthetics - Eyal Weizman 36) Designing Infrastructure - Keller Easterling 37) A Latecomer Imagines the City - William Mann
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